What to Know Before You Try E-Cigs

How to Choose the Best Electronic Cigarette

Shopping for the best electronic cigarette for you is a task that requires a lot of reading up on how to pick the best ones and consumer’s e-cigarette reviews. If you have never tried these before and have only heard of them, it’s best to really know what makes a good purchase as they really cost a lot if you’re serious about getting quality electronic cigarettes. Just how can you tell which ones are good ?

The first thing you look at is probably the price. You are probably considering getting a cheap starter kit just to try it out first and see if you can switch to electronic cigarettes. Let me tell you right away that they taste different from the usual ones. The good thing though is that they won’t make you smell and they won’t leave a dirty taste. You might actually like them if you prefer taking candy with your cigarettes. But about the price, when you get the really cheap ones you just might have to shell out a lot more later should you like electronic cigarettes. Why is that? Cheap ones only last for months. Even if they don’t, the battery may not last long enough which leads me to my next point.

Battery life is everything. You don’t want to carry around electronic cigarettes only to realize that you can’t even smoke them because the battery ran out. That’s happened to me a couple of times because I never used to recharge my cigarettes. The idea was simply alien to me so it took me a while to get used to it. Anyhow, you would prefer ones that come with batteries that last longer. Most complaints on e-cigarette are on the batteries. This is why companies have upgraded their batteries. So far the units are satisfactory but even so, they come with warranty.

If you’re seriously considering switching to electronic cigarettes, do consider the price and quality of the cartridges. You may find cheap ones but look at the value you are getting for your money. You may think that getting expensive ones is too much of an indulgence but really, you just might save a lot in the long run. Cartridges are not equal and some brands can last longer than others. How do you know which ones can last longer? You can find the product information from the vendors and more importantly, read up on consumer reviews. There are a lot of them and there are even different flavors. I haven’t tried a lot of these and it’s just a matter of taste. If you’re looking for a cigarette substitute, fancy flavors are really not much of a big deal and sometimes they can even distract you from making the best purchase. Best Electronic Cigarette