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[toggle title=”What is an Electronic Cigarette ?”]The e-cigarette is an electric device that will not help you stop smoking but allows you to smoke healthier. With it you can choose the most practical of the solutions currently used to quit smoking. E-cig is a fully automated electronic device, needing only a charged battery to operate.

With electronic cigarette, now available thanks to the latest technologies, smoking will be the same as if you would smoke a normal cigarette, except that instead of harmful smoke arising from burning in a regular cigarette, it emits steam loaded with nicotine. The user will smoke this steam just like a regular cigarette, and during inhalation a LED will light up on the end of the product for a completely identical visual effect like normal cigars. The concentration of nicotine and its flavor can be adjusted with replaceable reserves. Thus, electronic cigarette can turn into a perfect substitute for every cigarette you smoked before. Nicotine reaches the lungs in 7-10 seconds, and off that object does not emit harmful substances, you will seem like smoking regular cigarettes.

Main components: replaceable nicotine reserve, atomizer and a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Lithium-ion battery can be recharged from the mains electricity source, with a car charger or even at work or home computer with USB charger. Now you can smoke anywhere, even in places where smoking is prohibited like train, shops, halls reserved for non-smokers in restaurants.
The reserve contains nicotine, but does not pollute the environment, there is no passive smoking, and naturally neither we or the people around you will not have to inhale those more than six thousand harmful substances, many carcinogens produced during combustion, including carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen cyanide, acids, arsenic or lead. Furthermore, reserves are rechargeable, so you can continue to smoke healthy, with only a third of the price of cigarettes.

[toggle title=”Why Should You Stop Smoking ?”]Few reasons why you should quit smoking

86% of smokers deaths are caused by lung cancer.
Smoking kills half of smokers in the world.
Smoking reduces life estimated rate of up to 8-20 years.
Smoking accelerates aging.
Annually, approx 6 people die every minute due to smoking.
Smokers have drier and more pale cells, with more wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity.
Smoking reduces vitamin C from the body by 30%.
Smoking destroys the intestines.
Smoking affects your teeth and gums and can cause mouth cancer.
Smoking promotes cataracts installation.
6000 chemicals can be found in tobacco including cyanide, butane, ammonia and carbon monoxide.
Smoking increases up to 6 times the risk of heart attack.
Smoking among women favor the installation of early menopause.
Smoking increases the risk of diabetes
Smoking weakens the immune system
Smoking increases the risk of anxiety and depression installation.
Smoking decreases exercise tolerance.
Smoking doubles infertility in women.
Smoking weakens bones by demineralization.
Smoking increases the risk of anxiety and depression installation.
Smoking increases the tension that is a risk factor for heart attack and stroke.
From 2-3 years after you quit smoking the chances of heart attack and stroke are reduced.
Smoking increases up to 50% erectile dysfunction in men older than 30 years.
Smoking causes bad breath and gum disease, which can lead to tooth loss.
Smoking causes fatigue and headaches.
Smoking reduces the smell and taste.

[toggle title=”Why Choose E-Cigarette instead of Regular One ?”]Electronic cigarette emits a harmless vapor, which sensory organs perceive it as a regular cigarette, satisfy their hunger for nicotine, desire to smoke, make regular ritual of smoking. Has fewer drawbacks, does not endanger your health and people around, you can use anywhere, in places where smoking is prohibited. Forget cancer and cardiovascular disease, e-cigarette containing no carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrogen cyanide, acids, arsenic, lead, etc.

Eliminate passive smoking, creating a healthy way to smoke. It’s ideal for smokers to smoke in places in society. Electric cigarettes doesn’t leave an unpleasant odor in the home, car, clothes, keeping your breath fresh and soft, which is likely to be immediately an obvious advantage. E-cigarette reserves are rechargeable, thus obtaining a saving of 50-70% even from regular cigarettes, taking into account current prices. Economy can reach up to 80%, as we know further increase for cigarette prices is coming.

Sensory organs will function normally again, you will gradually begin to feel the smells, tastes long forgotten, and will clean your lungs. Achieve a beautiful smile, no stains and bad breath. A healthy and clear skin, without wrinkles or premature aging risk. Forget about sexual dysfunction, diabetes, fatigue and headaches. Now is time to start a new life. to find fresh air, with friends and loved ones.

[toggle title=”How Electronic Cigarettes are made ?”]Nicotine capsule contains about 1 ml of diluted nicotine. Components: water, flavors of food, nicotine, propylene glycol. Liquid nicotine is obtained from tobacco during a biological procedure that eliminates the nocive substances and keep the good components, in the end it is flavored. Thus, it keeps the destination of the cigarettes, but eliminate harmful derivatives.

Propylene glycol is a substance widely used in modern pharmaceutical industry, food industry and not least in the cosmetic industry, besides this, it is used in many other areas, especially as carrier substances of different flavors, smells, colors . Some examples: in the pharmaceutical industry in antibacterial solutions, in solutions of salt, diuretics, toothpaste, mouthwash, as a carrier solution in the food industry, in the bread and bakery products in dietary supplements, food industry in dyes; for the preparation of cosmetics, moisturizers as carrier substances in perfumes, tobacco industry to adjust, keep the humidity of cigarettes, tobacco, in imaging techniques, in Fumigation apparatus for producing artificial smoke on stage, in discos; in manufacturing electronic cigarette during preparation, especially to get the water vapor to resemble cigarette smoke.

Necessary power for electronic cigarette is provided by a lithium-ion battery. There are various types of manufacture batteries from 100 mAh to 320 mAh, with a supply voltage between 2.5 V and 3.7 V.

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A high frequency generator placed on an electronic circuit is used to control the atomizer. Airflow sensor is used to detect when the smoker inhales the cigarette. For atomization of the nicotine solution it is used an electronic atomizer. A dose of vaporization at high temperature is placed in immediate reserve nicotine own way. All components are connected to an electronic circuit and placed in the capsule atomizer.