E-cigarettes are very popular today and offer a broad spectrum of flavors, and mechanisms that are suited for each consumer’s needs. Since their invention in 2004, they made a statement in the market by helping smokers quit traditional cigarettes and choose a less harming smoking habit for their health and their surroundings.

Vuse E-Cig is one of these electronic cigarettes that has taken the market and is now one of the major consumer tech brands. It is produced in the U.S by an entirely automatic manufacturing system and this particular product is manufactured by R J Reynolds Vapor Company, part of Reynolds American a well-known tobacco company that also produces traditional cigarettes.

Vuse E Cig is an electronic cigarette that adjusts heat according to the individual, by using SmartMemory offering thus a better more personal experience. The e-cig has a microprocessor that uses algorithms that ensure the adjustment of heat and power therefore the vapor up to 2000 times a second in order to get the same consistent experience on each puff.

It has a modern, elegant design, being made out of metal, with a black cartridge and a stainless-steel battery. Vuse e-cig is discreet in size, comfortable to hold and it tries to mimic the looks of a traditional combustion cigarette for a more authentic experience.

Vuse is marketed as having the highest quality as well as the highest nicotine content, being the closest e-cig to traditional cigarettes on the market today, with a 4,8% nicotine content.

The cartridge is easily replaceable, it has a twist and click system and not a screwing one, and there is a red-light indicator for it when you have to replace it. The substance inside the cartridge is called V-liquid and it contains nicotine, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, water and flavorings.

Vuse comes in more than one flavor having an “original” flavor of course, menthol, berry, chai and cream flavor. Having multiple aroma choices is always a plus when it comes to choosing a more personal product. Another plus that Vuse has is that you can recycle the used cartridge with the manufacturer R J Reynolds.

The time that a cartridge lasts depends solely on the user but the manufacturers claim it lasts as long as a pack of cigarettes, so it basically depends on how much you use. The battery last more than in the case of other brands, for about eight hours, depending on how much you use and there is a white light indicator when it has to be recharged.

Another particular thing is that Vuse e-cigs only work with their own cartridge, and a battery having them both encrypted so you can’t really use them in combination with others on the market.

Vuse e-cig also comes at affordable prices. The price of a Vuse e-cigarette starter kit is 12,99 $ and it contains besides the e-cig a USB charger and a cartridge. The price of a 2-pack cartridge is 7,99 $ and as we stated above it comes in different flavors.

When it comes to user preference everyone has its own personal taste. What we can say is that at a glance on reviews and comments from other users, about using VUSE e-cig, they are mostly positive but it all comes to what you as an individual enjoy and appreciate