The latest and most fashionable line brought out by flagship company VMR Products is Vapor Couture. It has a unique line and is designed especially for women being the only such line on our market today. It is a beautiful accesorry, slim and elegant and available in four distinct shades. From the combination of the newest technology in electronic cigarettes and the chic design and stylish accessories -Vapor Couture is the “hottest invention in town”. The Vapor Couture line features an jewel-tipped, ultra-thin reachargeable battery with flavor cartridges found in four complementary colors. In order to appeal to a woman’s refined palate, each of the four Vapor Couture cartridge was hand-picked.

Vapor Couture is everything a girl/woman needs to show off in style her e-cig!

Haven’t you wondered why it has bracelets, must have clutch, charm and other accessories- that’s because it’s only for us girls to wear and use it proudly. Yes! Vapor Couture is the only electronic cigarette brand created entirely for women and the latest to be launched by VMR Products. Vapor Couture, V2 Cigs and Vantage Vapor (Canada, United States and the Czech Republic) VMR plays an active role in manufacture design, distribution and support and does not outsource it’s products overseas like the other electronic cigarette companies.

The most important goal of VMR Products is to work consistently in order to bring standardization and better regulation to the e-cig marketplace- safety and top-quality products!

VC Flavors
Vapor Couture offers for now just four introductory flavors to choose from but with more to come! In order to choose the flavor that fits you best- try them all!

Rodeo Drive – American Tabacco
A substantial American tabacco flavor. This highly pleasing blend unites the robust taste of domestic tabacco with each puff. The Rodeo Drive cartridges are available in four strenghts: Full 18, Med 12, Light 6 and Zero and of course they come in your choice of color. Rodeo Drive is your perfect choice if you are looking for: Pall-Mall, Lucky Strike, Doral, Chesterfield, Marlboro, Basic.

Bombshell – Turkish Tabacco
For turkish tabacco lovers, VC has an exotic and rich blend. It is spicy, middle- eastern undertanes and very satisfying flavor. Bombshell cartridges are available in four strenghts: Full 18, Med 12, Light 6 and Zero -your choice of color. If you are looking for: Camel, Kent, Merit, American Spirit or any other european cigarette variaties you will love our Bombshell flavor!

Fresh Mint – Cool and refresing
For an invigorating menthol fresh we have Fresh Mint. Cool and delicious with a tiny hint of sweetness and we suspect that it will be part of your favourite flavors. It is found in four strenghts: Full 18, Light 6, Med 12 and Zero- your choice of color. Fresh Mint will increase your desire for icy sensations if you are looking for something that resembles with – Salem, Newport, Kool, Marlboro Menthol.

Passion Fruit – Sweat and Tropical
Fruity and playfull is sure to leave you wanting for more. Available in four strenghts – Full 18, Med 12mg, Light 6mg and Zero, all coming in your choice of color. You will fall in love with Passion Fruit if you have a sweet tooth. While you enjoy your delightfull tropical flavor you can picture yourself surrounded by cabana boys and pina coloda.

The flavors below are coming soon!

Cool Mint – Sweet, Minty Goodness
Vapor Couture Cool Mint brings you a fresh flavor of peppermint with a tiny hint of sweetness. It comes in four strenghts: Full 18, Med 12, Light 6 and Zero and of course your choice of colors.

Strawberry Champagne – Sweet Sophistication
Vapor Couture Strawberry Champagne combines the taste of ripe strawberries with the crispness fine Champagne. This interesting and decadent flavor is available in four strenghts: Zero(no nicotine), Light (0.6%), Medium (1.2%) and Full (1.8%) and it can be ordered in your choice of battery color.

Smoke 4 Free Program
There will appear new features for the Vapor Couture Smoke4Free Program after the store oppening. Don’t forget please to pay attention to the most updated Smoke4Free terms because they apply to the way your credits can be used.

The Vapor Couture Smoke4Free Program is a program that directs you to a source of help in order to reduce or even eliminate your e-smoking costs. And if you help us promote by spreading the news about this astonishing product, you will be rewarded with store dollars to order free merchandise. Not only you will benefit with Smoke4Free but your family and friends will be given a substantial discount on their first VC Starter Kit.

New customer of Vapor Couture and V2Cigs?

This program will run a few months after the store launch so at this time, new customers of Vapor Couture will not be given out a Smoke4Free code. But after the store you can contact a customer service representative and they will create your Smoke4Free account code. As soon as you have your code, you can start to collect your account dollars for free Vapor Couture merchandise!

Already have a Smoke4Free code from V2Cigs?

You can buy Starter Kits from or at a saving of 15% off if you already have a Smoke4Free code. So every time someone uses your code to buy a Starter kit, you will receive 15$ in your account. At the beginning you can use your accured account dollar only to purchase merchandise from But once we will update the system, you will be able to use your account dollars to purchase merchandise from as well. And we thank you for helping us promote Vapor Couture!

Program Terms of use for Vapor Couture Smoke4Free (S4F)

1.Only our customers have the benefit to have and use Smoke4Free codes.
2. Smoke4Free codes are not to be used, under any circumstances, by affiliates of or
3. This program was created to show appreciation to our customers for helping us promote When someone uses your Smoke4Free code, one 15$ credit is issued per order. And when you use your Smoke4Free code to purchase through your account, you will receive the 15% discount – but not the 15$ credit.
4. Under any circumstances the Smoke4Free codes are not to be posted on V2Cigs or Vapor Couture Social Media sites, Blogs, Facebook Pages,Forums or Twitter.
5. The Smoke4Free codes are not redeemable for cash value.
6. After the initial store launch the Smoke4Free credits are only redeemable towards the purchase of retail priced items on After a while you will be able to use your account dollars to buy from
7. The Smoke4Free credits can’t be transfered, traded or exchanged.
8. The credits are valid for one year from the date of issue and are subject to forfeiture after such time.
9. If you decide to drive your account credits through disallowed or abusive mass distribution practices (spam, corupted code sites) – all your credits will be removed from their account and the code will be subject to immediate termination.
10. We reserve the right to change the Smoke4Free Term of Use at any time.

VC Quality

First of all Vapor Couture is one of the few brands created in the United States and as you already know most of the other electronic cigarette companies just put a logo on a product (designed overseas) but Vapor Couture is different. From the product’s engineering and design control and logistics and of course every step of manufacture, our expert team is involved all the way.

– our skilled engineers from Florida and California design every product of Vapor Couture;
– our suppliers are verified and of course approuved – they provide us with Vapor Couture certified plants;
– the consistency and product safety of the e-liquids are guaranteed and chemicaly tested.
– one of ours top priority is maintaining transparency: the ingredients of our e-liquids are available to download in PDF format and on our Vapor Couture sites you will find that you can view your own testing results and of course every Vapor Couture e-liquid product comes with it’s expiration date clearly and hatch number.
– at our control center in Miami as well as at our international factories (onsite) you will find that our electrical components are tested daily;
– our flavor cartridges are tested daily as well – for cartomizer, cartomizer weight, temperature, impedance, puff consistency;
– we keep e-liquids fresh and the flavor cartridges are blister sealed in foil to avoid any contamination.

Vapor Couture has a unique line of products and services. We give you not only an elegant design but delivery quality, safety and consistancy. Get your Starter Kit now, and start to enjoy life in a more healthier way! by

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