V2 Cigs is the fastest growing electronic cigarette brand in the United States and they are offering a wide area of products to accommodate different types of smokers so that their products match user’s needs and interests. V2 Cigs achived top rating among users due their amazing taste and flavor.

V2 starter kits prices range is starting at $29.95 for V2 Notebook-Cig and ending with V2 Traveler Kit or V2 Couples Kit both with the price of $129.95. V2 Standard Kit can be bought for a moderate price of $79.95 with an interesting feature that Battery Styles/Types can be fully customized.

One if the best features when it comes to V2 Cigs are the V2 Disposable Electronic Cigarette. Disposable V2 Cigs is perfect for first time users. There is no need to recharge your battery or to buy refill cartridges. Basically you vape your V2 Disposable E-cig (approximatly 2 packs of usual cigars) and then you throw it away and smoke a new one. V2 Disposable is available with tobacco or menthol flavors in the Full, Medium or Light nicotine version. Also you must know that the liquid used in V2 Disposable electronic cigarette is different from the one used in V2 Rechargeable products.


V2 Cigs offer cartridges at prices between $12.95 for V2 Cartridges 5 Pack and up to $129.95 for V2 Cartridges 80 Pack. 1 Cartridge is equal with 1 pack of usual cigars. Customer satisfaction is important for V2 Cigs so they have launched a new feature V2 Custom Cartridges (100 Pack) for $225. With this new product V2 provide for it’s customers custom cartridges where the user can chose the flavor, the color of the cartridges and also the exact nicotine level you need to transform your smoking in an extraordinary experience. So if you are looking for any unusual flavor just try V2 Custom Cartridges.

V2 E-Liquid

V2 Cigs is Offering the best E-liquid for 4 of their most popular flavors:

* V2 Red
* V2 Sahara
* V2 Menthol
* V2 Peppermint
with 4 nicotine strength levels: Zero (0mg), Light (6mg), Medium(12mg) and Full(18mg)

A lot of customers said that shipping is a little slow but after receiving their started kits they where really satisfied with V2 excellent product. Customer Support is very important when buying electronic cigarettes and V2 Cigs extended customer service hours (10:00am to 11:00pm EST or 7:00am to 11:00pm PST. Monday through Saturday.) so customers can benefit of expert vapor advice and support. V2 Cigs Customer Service Team is highly trained to provide support and help customers to pick the right e-cig. Most of the V2 Cigs support team are former smokers, experienced who can help you in any matter related to E-cigarette.

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