Due the increasingly number of  people quitting smoking with electronic cigarette, we thought to offer some “tips & tricks” for better use of this product.

Best Electronic Cigarette Tips and Tricks

1. If you bought an E-liquid for electronic cigarette and you do not like who it tastes or is a little “bite”, try to remove the head from the bottle and let the liquid so for several days in a cool, dry place. You will remain surprised by the new flavor.

2. You can fill liquid cartridge and leave it like that for  a long time. The flavor is much more enjoyable.

3. Keep all bottles of E-liquid. Can be washed and reused to mix different e-liquids for electronic cigarette to get an ideal combination.

4. Do not overfill the cartridge with liquid. This will drain on the e-cigarette and can destroy the battery. (valid for electronic automatic machine models, dse108 and dse901)

5. If you have a burning taste, put a drop of liquid directly into the atomizer. If no fluid in the  atomizer give a pungent flavor.

6. Often clean the electronic cigarette  for better functioning and to prolong life. Use a tissue to wipe the battery contacts, from the excess liquid.

7. Over time, electronic cigarette cartridge material will be blocked. It is better to change the cartridge frequently with new one. Also on the plastic will be a lot of germs, which you put in mouth.

8. Eat watermelon or other fruit while smoking electronic cigarettes. The taste will be better and a healthier experience.

9. Make a search on the internet to find a recommended distributor. Not all are the same. Different quality products and services, and prices. Do not choose the lowest price electronic cigarette. Read Forums and what people are saying that they bought. Electronic cigarette is hard to compare, especially when you do not know.

10. If you have an old glasses case that you no longer use, can be used as a cigarette case substitute. It fits perfectly an electronic cigarette and a bottle of liquid.

11. Keep a record of the electronic cigarette liquid that you used. You can write down what you liked and what not. This can help for the next order of e-liquid. In general distributors of electronic cigarettes have several types of E-liquid. Therefore it is good to know exactly what you liked most.
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