CBD oil is the latest star on the dietary supplements market. Even if the FDA didn’t include this substance on the list of official supplements, it quickly became one of the fastest-selling products due to its extensive media coverage. The scientific community started to study its medical properties only a couple of decades ago, and even though there is a need for more conclusions, the results so far are promising.

CBD oil is part of the cannabinoids category, and it is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plant. About 85 different types of cannabinoids were discovered in the oil extracted from industrial hemp. Among them, two are found in abundance: THC and CBD. These substances have medical properties and trials linked them to the improvement of various medical conditions, but at the same time, they have different effects on people. THC is the ingredient responsible for the high and psychoactive effect of the marijuana plant, while CBD doesn’t have this type of influence on the consumer.

Usually, CBD dietary supplements have different concentrations of the main active ingredient, so it is important to learn which one is appropriate for you personally. As The Food and Drug Association hasn’t ruled yet CBD as a dietary supplement, there is no daily recommended dose. Studies conducted up to this moment concluded that using 2.5 mg of CBD per day for two weeks only brings benefits and no side effects. Many of the products available on the market exceed this dose, and they also recommend long-term use. It is important to ask for doctor’s advice before using CBD and together establish the right dose for you.

Because CBD appears to improve a broad range of medical conditions, it is presented in a variety of forms such as pills, oil, tincture, drops, spray, vaping liquid, cosmetics and so on. It is important to be informed when choosing a product. Each one is created to focus on improving a certain health aspect, but all supplements based on CBD aim for the same purpose: a general state of well-being. Even if pills seem to be the first choice for many people, the other forms like drops or spray are gaining more popularity.

Another trend which just started and is gaining more and more followers is the switch from classic smoking methods to vaporizers. There are some solid reasons for the change, and the most important one is health. Vaporizers don’t necessarily have to use tobacco. Instead, they can be replaced with lavender or essential oil which, not only smell better but also have a positive effect on the overall health.

In addition to improving the health condition, vaping can give you that glamorous look which is very popular in the fashion world. These devices are very sleek, and they fit into any pocket or purse so you’ll have it within reach whenever necessary. Replacing the usual e-liquid with CBD vape oil only enhances the list of benefits, and you won’t have to make drastic changes in the daily routine, and Tasty CBD Vape-Oil created by Tasty Hemp Oil might be a good choice.

About Tasty CBD Vape-Oil and How do Vaporizing Works?

The process of vaporizing CBD is no different than using a classic liquid. CBD oil created primarily to be used in vaporizing devices has the same structure as the normal e-liquid only enriched with CBD. Once you learn that there is absolutely nothing you have to do differently it might encourage you to go to the next level and give this product a chance.

You add, as usual, the liquid into the e-pipe or vape pen and the atomizer will take control from this point on. The process is actually very simple to understand. Once the atomizer gets in contact with the liquid, it will heat up turning it into vapors which you inhale. You will love this oil because as the name says it’s very tasty. Unlike the tobacco e-liquid or other essential oils, Tasty CBD Vape-Oil has many flavors to choose from: sweet, fruity or even fresh. It comes packed in bottles with various CBD concentrations which range from 18 mg to 40 mg.

Tasty CBD Vape-Oil is produced by a company called Tasty Hemp Oil, which presents itself as a group of hemp enthusiasts and wellness passionate located in the UK and with an office in Australia xas well. They aim to offer customers the best experience possible when it comes to interacting with CBD by providing constant education and support through their friendly staff. The company registered considerable growth in the past years, and the success is attributed to the high-quality products they offer.

What makes Tasty CBD Vape-Oil stand out?

Vape oils are becoming more and more popular because people become aware of the importance of their habits when it comes to protecting their health. Giving up on smoking is never easy but substituting a nasty habit with one that can improve the health condition is not a bad trade. But one must be extra careful when switching from tobacco liquid to CBD vape oil because if you don’t choose a high-quality product you might get things even worse for your health, and Tasty CBD Vape-Oil looks like the best option for a great vaping experience.

Tasty CBD Vape-Oil comes packed in 5 bottles each of 10 ml. The CBD concentration for each one of these bottles is 100 mg. In other words, only 1 ml of the product ensures the intake of 10 mg of CBD. In addition to the CBD concentration, there are other reasons why this oil represents a good choice.

To start with, it comes in a variety of flavors so it is impossible not to find one that you would like. There are seven delicious options available with very descriptive names, plus two mixes of flavors: 7 citrus blend, raspberry, strawberry dream, citrus blend, apple pie, black and blue (or blackberry and blueberry), island joy, just peachy. For those who like to taste the rainbow, and feel like having a fruit salad there are two mixes available which combine the most popular flavors. Mix 1 has a strawberry dream, raspberry, just peachy, 7 citrus blend and island joy while Mix 2 contains the similar tastes strawberry dream, raspberry and island joy in addition to apple pie and black and blue.

Regardless if you prefer sweet or fresh flavors, Tasty CBD Vape-Oil is the best choice for enjoying a moment of relaxation. With each breath of this all natural hemp oil, you feel your mind and body soothing. When you first try this product, you will notice a delightful feeling. The delicious taste is a bonus to the calming effect only CBD can offer.

The vape oil created by Taste Hemp Oil contains only 100% natural, fresh and organic ingredients, unlike other vapes which use the harsh chemicals to disguise the taste. The special ingredient which ensures a great taste of this CBD vape oil is terpenes which are also naturally found in fruits like lemons or strawberries. Terpenes could be described as special hydrocarbons produced by plants to create their aromas. This substance is part of the aromatherapy for centuries as the floral scent of lavender, fresh aroma of citrus peels, the refreshing fragrance of eucalyptus and so on. Because terpenes contain no trace of THC they only have a relaxing effect, not a psychoactive one.

Tasty Hemp Oil company cares about the quality of their products and takes pride in the fact that there is another impartial lab which tests the quality of the product at different stages of manufacture. The vape oil uses only CBD extracted from imported hemp cultivated in special farms. The extraction process is quite expensive, but it ensures a high concentration of CBD and low amounts of THC. Only the seeds and the stalks are used because these are the parts of the hemp plant with the highest amount of CBD and almost no trace of THC.

What are the ingredients of Tasty CBD Vape-Oil and how to use it?

The product is completely legal, and unlike the classic liquid for the e-cigarette, it has a delicious taste and benefits for the health. The list of ingredients is quite simple. The main ingredient is CBD obtained from pressed seeds and staked off the hemp plant. Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol along with natural and artificial flavorings are added to the formula. You might find almost untraceable parts of THC in the final product but this still which makes it legal to use in all 50 states of the US as far as you are at least 18. Even so, the label warns you not to vape this oil if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Tasty CBD Vape-Oil can be used in almost all types of e-cigarettes, but it is ideal for these with bottom feeder atomizers. Some suggestions are EVOD Mini ProTank 3, Aspire CF Sub Ohm or BUD Touch. There is no trick in using this vape oil. All one has to do is to refill the cartridge as usual. The Tasty CBD Vape-Oil has a special form designed to make the oil transfer even easier from the bottle to the vaporizer.

What are the benefits of CBD oil vapes?

If you wonder whether you should switch from smoking to vaping CBD oil, the answer is a big yes! The list of supposed benefits it offers is mind-blowing, and most of them have scientific studies as a backup for authenticity. FDA has strict regulations when it comes to hemp, and since CBD is obtained from this plant, it must get the official approval for large-scale use. But until then Tasty CBD  Vape-Oil deserves a chance to replace the traditional smoking because there are some certain things: it is not a synthetic product, and it has less than 1% THC which makes it legal for use all over USA territory.

Medical studies conducted so far by various scientists around the world revealed CBD’s properties in reducing anxiety attacks and inflammation as well. Some results even indicate that CBD could become a possible cure for epilepsy. Some other medical conditions which showed an improvement after subjects followed a treatment based on CBD are: chronic pain, rheumatoid arthritis, alcoholism, autism, cancer, anxiety, fibromyalgia, depression, cardiovascular disease, infections, sleep disorders, ADHD, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s Disease, Parkinson Disease, diabetes Irritable Bowl Syndrome, and the list can go on.

Meanwhile, Tasty Hemp Oil just aims to offer the users a tasty experience with vapes. Most vape oils use synthetic chemicals to create a flavor, but instead, they leave a bad taste in the mouth. The line of vape oils created by this company promises to take the experience to the next level due to the high-quality ingredients used. We all need to find a way to manage the stress accumulated over the course of a long day and CBD Vape pens seem like the perfect tool. They are a great alternative to cannabis and tobacco but without their unpleasant side effects. There are some good reasons why CBD vape oil is a better option to the traditional smoking:

  • It offers a healthier alternative

Regardless if you are smoking classic tobacco or other herbs inhaling the smoke generated by a burning plant is not healthy. Actually, almost 90% of the lung cancer cases are associated with tobacco.  Cannabis or ember also have a negative influence on the health as cannabis can generate bronchitis and inflammation while embers irritate the airways to the lungs. With CBD vaporizers these health issues can be avoided. A pen vape kit works differently than cigarettes because it heats the hemp oil at a low temperature and the result is a smooth vapor, not a harsh smoke which doesn’t destroy the lungs.
  • Stress relief

CBD is recognized for its calming and relaxing properties especially after a long day at the office. Unlike its fellow THC, the CBD oil doesn’t come with psychoactive effects usually associated with smoking cannabis. CBD is a good option for when you want to relax and just clear your mind but remain able to focus. The effect is felt within seconds, and it can last for up to two hours. A CBD vape pen is easy to carry in your pocket or bag so you can have it within reach whenever you need to manage a stressful situation.
  • Doses can be controlled

When smoking cannabis or hemp, it is a challenge to monitor the dosage. Vape pens come with special cartridges which are pre-dosed, so it is easier to measure in CBD dose each time you use it. Unlike the pills, vaping CBD oil is a more fun and makes it simpler to distribute the dosage intake throughout the day.
  • No more bad smell

Smoking in public places becomes a taboo in more and more cities around the USA and not only. Vaporizers don’t combust creating smoke; they generate a steam, so it is easier to use them whenever and where ever you feel like. They don’t create the nasty odor which bothers many people, especially the non-smokers and your clothes, hair or hands don’t smell bad anymore. Also, vape pens are about the size of a writing pen which makes it very discreet.
  • No need for prescription

One of the advantages of CBD is that it is legal to use and unlike medical marijuana, you don’t need a prescription. You can order the product, and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

Also using vape pens is better for the general health compared to traditional smoking. Even if the method of inhaling vapors of infused water is relatively new, studies revealed that using a vaporizer pen or electronic cigarette is a better alternative to smoking tobacco or any other plants. The main difference is what reaches the lungs. Here are some of the advantages vaping pens have over classic cigarettes:

  • No trace of carcinogenic chemicals

Unlike normal cigarettes, vape oils contain glycerin, flavorings, hemp oil sometimes nicotine is added, but at no moment carcinogens are part of the formula. Traditional medicine used to include medicinal herbs into the vaping mix because it was believed that this way health problems like common cold or indigestion could improve.
  • No passive smoking

It is very unpleasant for non-smokers to be around people who smoke because unwillingly they inhale the smoke. In time, even if one never smoked directly one cigarette its entire life, he could develop the same health problems as a heavy smoker. With vaporizers, this problem is history because the steam generated doesn’t linger in the air long enough to be inhaled by others.
  • Flavors are not destroyed

Along with the main active ingredients, vape oils are infused with essential oils and natural flavors. The vaping process implies atomizing the compounds and not burning them, so the flavors are not destroyed by the unhealthy byproducts generated through combustion.
  • No risks for burning things

Since a vape pen doesn’t use combustion there is no risk to start a fire, burn your clothes or any other accidents associated with cigarette butts and ashes. An added benefit is the fact that you don’t need to carry with you lighter or matches and vaporizers are allowed to places where smoking isn’t.

In the end, it is a personal choice between the classic cigarette and a vape pen, but if you decide to go with vaping make sure you invest in high-quality products.

Possible side effects of CBD Vape-Oil

Even if CBD is presented as a natural ingredient with a huge potential for improving the general health, one must be aware that this substance is just getting the attention from the medical and scientific community. The list of benefits and potential side effects is still open. The Food and Drug Association still requires more studies to accept the idea to include CBD on the official list of dietary supplements.

If overdosed, any substance might have an adverse influence on the body, no matter how natural it is. This substance is known safe to use, and it will bring positive influence over the body and mind, but one must be aware of potential side effects. Even the manufacturer recommends you to consult a doctor before using and avoid using at all if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. There are not many potential side effects of CBD discovered so far by the scientists, and they are minor reactions which shouldn’t be life-threatening. Among the possible side effect the users of CBD might experience there are:

  • Inhibits the liver from processing the drugs

Some medical studies noticed that CBD has a negative influence on the liver functions and at a certain point it reduces the hepatic drug metabolism and lowers the activity of the p-glycoprotein. If you are following a treatment for a medical condition, the medication might become less efficient due to this process which implies the liver will no longer produce the enzymes needed to metabolize the drugs.

If you take high doses of CBD, the activity of the enzymes used to process the drugs are temporarily inactivated and the problem could become worst. Usually, this reaction of the body to CBD could be considered an adverse side effect, but at the same time, it can neutralize the effect of THC. This is a minor side effect, and it is similar to the effect of eating a grapefruit, which also inhibits the enzymes from the liver. However, if you are taking medication in order to manage a medical condition it is important to tell your doctor about the intention of using CBD

  • Dry mouth

Some people reported an unpleasant sensation of dry mouth after taking CBD in high doses. This effect could be a result of the endocannabinoid system inhibiting the production of saliva. Both CB 1 and CB 2 receptors are also found in the mouth area, and they control the glands responsible for producing saliva. If activated, these receptors could generate the cotton mouth sensation. The result is you feel the need to drink more water.
  • Intensify the tremors in people who have Parkinson’s disease

There are some contradictory results of the medical studies. Some of them suggest that CBD is safe to be used by individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, while others indicate that high doses of CBD can intensify the muscle movement and tremors. If this side effect occurs, the first step is to reduce the dose of CBD and as a result, the episode will reduce its intensity. People with this medical condition should ask for doctor’s approval before using CBD and also they must start with small doses and increase them gradually to make sure problems won’t appear.
  • Low blood pressure

It was noticed that high doses of  CBD could make the blood pressure drop a little within a few minutes from ingestion. If you are taking medication in order to manage blood pressure disorders don’t take CBD before you get the doctor’s approval.
  • Lightheadedness

This feeling is usually associated with a sudden drop in blood pressure. This is a temporary side effect generated by high amounts of CBD, and it can be improved with a cup of coffee.
  • Drowsiness

If consumed in high doses CBD could also make some people feel drowsy. Under this condition, it is better to avoid driving or operating any machinery. If this happens, it is recommended to reduce the CBD intake.

It is important to underline that the above-mentioned side effects usually occur when CBD is consumed in large doses. The experiences are not endangering your health or life, but the first step is to reduce the dosage and talk to the doctor if they persist.

Read This Before using CBD Vape-Oil

There are many types of products containing CBD available on the market and a lot of brands producing them, so if you decide to try CBD to improve your health or just to relax it is important to ask yourself several questions and get the answers.

Find out the right dosage for you. That means you must consult a doctor first and according to your health condition, you can establish how much CBD you can take. What is your favorite flavor? Do you prefer fruity, sweet or fresh aromas? Because Tasty CBD Vape Oil comes in a variety of flavors and if you pick one that you don’t like the experience might not be that nice. If you intend to use this product at home, you could get one type of vaporizer, but if you intend to use it at work or on the go, as well, you should choose a discreet type of vape pen which easily fits into the pocket. It is also important to establish the budget you afford for this activity. It is essential to buy high-quality products so if you must choose between price and quality try to find the best option within the price range you afford and make sure there are no synthetic ingredients in the formula. If you are really interested in these products, you could even get discounts and promotions.

Where to buy Tasty CBD Vape Oil

You can purchase the original Tasty CBD Vape Oil from the manufacturer’s official web store. One bottle of 10 ml regardless the flavor is $35, while the five pack mix of flavors is sold for $156. If you subscribe to our newsletter you will receive a coupon for 15% discount on your first order. Shipping and taxes might be added at checkout, so be careful at the final cost. There are two customer phone numbers available for more details and information regarding return policy, or refund is not displayed within each reach for customers.


Vape oil is much healthier to inhale than the smoke of the classic cigarettes, mainly because it doesn’t contain carcinogens and it generates steam which doesn’t harm the lungs. Tasty CBD Vape Oil comes in a wide variety of flavors, so the experience is much more enjoyable. Switching from cigarettes to vape oil is not only a healthier choice but also an aesthetic one. It is much more enjoyable for non-smoking people to be around you as your clothes, hair and hands won’t smell bad anymore and also they won’t have to inhale the nasty smoke.

Even if CBD is promoted as a great discovery for the dietary supplement industry, this substance has recently caught the attention of the medical community, and it requires more studies. The thousands of trials conducted so far revealed an extensive list of healing properties, but still, The FDA considers it is not enough to accept CBD officially as a dietary supplement. There are some mild negative reactions reported by users of CBD, but it is important to mention they all appeared when CBD was consumed in high doses. It is recommended to talk to a doctor before using CBD especially if you are taking medication for another health condition.

It is a personal decision if you stick to traditional smoking or give a chance to vape oil, but out of these two options, the vape oil offers the same results as cigarettes do, only with a lower risk of getting sick.

Tasty CBD Vape-Oil Review


Tasty CBD Vape Oil produced by Tasty Temp Oil is an excellent way to relax both the body and mind after a long day at work, and definitively it’s a better alternative to smoking as we know vaping is a new trend world-wide-spread. The CBD vape oil comes in a wide variety of flavors, so the experience is much more enjoyable and the convenience it offers is undeniable.

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