Have you ever accidentally burnt yourself slightly while smoking or cough at the strong smell of the cigarette the moment that you lit it with fire?  Those may seem like the small irritants but guess what, when you choose to switch to electronic cigarette vaping, even those small irritants will never be a concern.  The reason behind this is simple.  As stated earlier, you really do not need fire to “light” an electronic cigarette.  This brings about several advantages on the part of the smoker and the people nearby.  First, you do not have to worry about accidentally burning yourself or being hurt.  Second, you reduce the risk of the area where you are at catching fire (which may happen when people do not dispose of their cigarettes right away and third.  Third, fire causes the smoke and since there is no real fire involved when you vape and smokeless cigarettes are the smokeless and fireless ways to get the pleasure of smoking without all its downsides.

Electronic Cigarette

Electronic Cigarette vs Conventional Cigarette

The concept of the e-cigarette is very revolutionary.  In the past, people would not be able to understand the idea of smoking without fire.  It is illogical and therefore impossible.  All thanks to man’s ingenuity and today’s modern technology, what used to be yesterday’s science fiction is now a reality.  You can smoke without fire.  You can “light” a cigarette without a lighter or a match.  All that you need is one stick called an e-cig and your problems are over.

So since vaping an electronic cigarette does not involve fire or smoke, the question of many is if it is like anything similar to the real thing.  The answer is yes.  Although it is different in many ways and it is healthier than actually smoking, there are still a lot of things in common between the electric cigarette and the traditional ones.  To begin with, they look so similar.  In fact, unless you take time to really examine it closely, you would confuse an actual cigar for an e-cigarette.  Second, both have nicotine which is the substance that people often crave for whenever they smoke.  Third, both have smooth and nice flavors.  In fact, you even have more options when you choose to use an electronic cigarette because it is not confined to the traditional ones.  After all, the product itself is unconventional.

So smoke without fire with an e-cig.  Not only will it keep your home safer but you are also sparing yourself from the harm of smoke itself and the damage that it inflicts upon your neighbor or any one beside you as he or she inhales second hand smoke.  You get all the smokeless and fire-less benefits of being an electric cigarette smoker without damaging your health as well as the health of the person seated next to you.  Whoever said that smoking without fire was impossible was greatly mistaken.  The electronic cigarette is an attestation that it can be done.