Quit SmokingIf you have thought of quitting smoking, then you must have tried not picking up a cigarette only to find yourself very irritated from it. It’s difficult to shake off a smoking habit, let alone just quit cold turkey. Some people can do it but they have a very strong motivation to do so. For people who don’t and really do wish to quit, another alternative to shocking yourself into quitting is switching to electronic cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are the safer kind of smokes because first of all, they hardly give off any smoke! They are battery powered atomizers that release vapor from the cartridges you put in. The vapors are what you inhale and you hardly release any smoke. Perhaps you would see some vapors but that’s about it. This cigarette is a lot better than regular ones on this point because you won’t be exposed to the tar and the smoke that really are the most harmful elements from smoking anyway. The nicotine is the addictive substance that compels you to smoke but what really harms you and those around you a great deal are the smoke and the pollutants from this smoke. These are harmful to your lungs and they linger in the air for quite some time. So, you’re doing yourself a big favor by smoking e-cigarettes instead because these have none of the dangers that regular cigarettes give you.

Another problem when you’re trying to quit smoking is it really is even harder to do when you’re among smokers. You must have tried to resist the urge to smoke when you’re around people who smoke like chimneys. So what’s the solution to this? Why don’t you just join them? That’s right. You don’t have to suffer from abstaining because you can smoke your own kind of e-cigarettes that do not necessarily have nicotine. What’s even better is if everyone else would use e-cigarettes. That means nobody gets to smell smoke from someone else’s cigarette. Each smoker can exclusively keep his nicotine fix to him or herself.

You might say that technically smoking e-cigarettes is not quitting smoking. Technically it isn’t. It’s a way to wean you off the harmful nicotine and keep you away from the dangerous smoke from regular cigarettes. If you’ve tried nicotine patches, you must have realized how awkward it feels to not be holding a cigarette or puffing one for hours. It’s not easy to forget that habit and it is hard to focus on your work or anything for that matter when you could be bothered by thoughts of smoking. Well, fight the urge no more and use electronic cigarettes instead.

Electronic Cigarettes are in no way promoted as healthy products. They are still recreational products like regular cigarettes although they significantly reduce dangerous side effects. Ideally you can eventually stop your smoking habit with the help of e-cigarettes.