I lived on to hear this one. Let’s go out for coffee and an electronic cigarette. And this from someone they consider a very normal, serious woman, mother of two children.

I asked her to show me the quit smoking gadget. What to see: it looks like a normal cigarette in its own right, just a little higher. Technology and all that is in this cigarette is covered by a thin and shiny metal, painted in colors of cigarettes. My friend says that the invention is very good and that addictive smoking really was replaced by using this electronic cigarette.

I found this very funny and I absolutely overjoyed that he chose to drink coffee with me  and not to smoke yet. In conclusion, to me it seems ridiculous to smoke an electric cigarette and I think it’s only a caprice. It seems to me that if you really want to quit smoking, you do not have to pull out a pen. You just need  to apply your own will and that’s it.

And this is where my friend, Martha occurs.

Sara thinks so. Because she is not a smoker. I, who give up a new pair of shoes per month because the equivalent I spend on cigars, have a different perspective.

I, the one with clogged lungs and throat sharply. I don’t think it matter if it’s funny. I would be subject to stand on a pedestal in the park, pulling deeply from electronic cigarette in the amusement of passers. If I would know that I will get rid of a vice so dumb.
I would support even balls of paper and “Huo” from the passes, only to know that this is working. But only if the electronic cigarette can do that. And until I get testimonials from a few trusted people I would keep smoking my e-cigarette.