Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking Today

Have you tried quitting to smoke and kicking the habit for good only to fail so many times that you end up frustrating with yourself for falling into the trap of smoking yourself?  Do not take it so harshly.  Kicking the habit of smoking is much harder than they make it appear in “how to” articles and even on TV.  Some say that once you tell yourself you will never smoke again, then your job is done.  The truth is, yes, it starts with that resolve but you will need more than that to sustain your resolve.  You need to find ways for your body to start craving for the pleasure that smoking gives.  In fact, smoking is not just a habit.  It is an addiction so when you try to kick it, you are not just altering a habit, you are saying no to an addiction – one that you have been hooked to for years!

So here is the question, how do you quit smoking the easy way?  You are probably thinking that you have heard of the same stuff in the past and none of them worked for you.  That is right but before you pass judgment, just hear me out first.  You can quit smoking easily but it does not mean that you have to go cold turkey or to deprive yourself completely.  What you need is a better, safer and healthier alternative to it and right now, that already exists.  It is called electronic cigarettes and it has all the good stuff about smoking and none of the bad ones.

You are most probably already aware of the hazards of smoking.  It is bad for your health.  You must have heard that slogan a thousand and one times and yet you are smoking.  So that must not be enough to make you stop.  Well, just so you know, electronic cigarettes are way healthier than that cigarette that you so constantly light up.  It has no tar, no chemicals and none of the cancer causing carcinogens that are present in regular cigarettes.  That alone makes it your healthier option.  Now I am pretty sure that you are not yet convinced to try to stop using it.  After all, you are still okay for now and you will just worry about your health when you are younger.  That is the mentality of many smokers today.

How about if I tell you that when you use electronic cigarettes, you will feel like you are actually smoking?  The exterior alone will convince you of that because it looks so much like your regular cigarette.  Does it have smoke?  No but it does produce vapor which looks just like smoke when you puff.  Last but most importantly, it contains nicotine which is actually the substance that you are so addicted about in your cigarette.  The difference is you can just choose or regulate the potency of your nicotine so you do not have to take stronger than necessary.