I was keep thinking about the positive effects that have occurred since I quit smoking classic cigars (after about 14 years) and I switched to electronic smoking. I remembered a good thing.

I had a problem with bleeding gums after brushing. This happend to me in morning and in evening also, after every teeth cleaning. I went to the dentist, I do scaling, I start to use a recommended tooth paste (Senzodine) and a toothbrush Senzodine .. ..nothing. Already started to think it’s normal, especially as some dentists I had said it’s normal to bleed, if you don’t eat fruits, vegetables (lack of vitaminte) and so on.

Surprise, after one month of electronic smoking, my gums bleeding stopped. I did not realize this immediately, but after a week I noticed and I immediately said WOW … I quickly remembered that hideous photo on cigarette packs. Seems like those photos are not for scaring children as I thought recently. 🙂