With the multitude of information on the use of cigarette tobacco, it’s no wonder why consumers are looking for an alternative. Electric or electronic cigarettes seem to be the perfect alternative.

Smokeless cigarettes addresses to people who want to enjoy nicotine but want to avoid harmful chemicals such as hydrogen cyanide, ammonia and acetol with adverse effects on their health.

This type of cigarette use nicotine replacement cartridges. Cartridges of this type simulates the taste of real tobacco cigars while giving the taste of nicotine, providing all these benefits, excluding harmful effects of tar and other carcinogens.

As a result, according to a survey, electronic cigarettes reduce the risk to start smoking again by 95%. Although nowadays a wide range of smokeless cigarettes are available on the market, the “type pen” on those perfectly mimics the look of a real tobacco cigarette, electronic cigarettes have generally the same basic components: circuitry, battery rechargeable sprayer and filter.

All models operate under the same mechanism. When we “smoke” the e-cigarette, the air activate¬† the dispenser witch releases a small amount of liquid contained in the filter inside the cartridge, which is actually a plastic filter. Nicotine cartridges that are provided on the electronic cigarettes are available in different concentrations of nicotine, from very high concentrations of nicotine to zero nicotine. Electronic cigarette IS available in a wide range of flavors, from regular tobacco flavor, the flavor mint or chewing gum.

Electronic cigarettes are moneysavers!

Most smokers spend on cigarettes annually over 1000 dollars. However, the cost of electronic cigarettes is about 2 dollar per packet compared to regular cigarettes. An electric cigarette cartridge can hold about the equivalent of two packs of cigarettes. E-cigs can be bought online at reasonable prices, along with replacement cartridges, filters and batteries. Electric cigarettes can change for the better your lifestyle and the environment.

Does not involve fire, so it eliminated the risk of fires they are exposed to many smokers and their families.  Since this does not mean flame cigarette, does not imply any ashes, while the vapor is similar to cigarette smoke eliminated the usual difference being that there is no smell.

Garbage left by the e-cig is considerably reduced. Instead of twenty cigarette butts, from electronic cigarette you will have a small plastic cartridge filter. Positive impact on the environment is amazing. Electronic cigarettes can help those who want to quit smoking but failed until now. Besides the obvious benefits to health, practical benefits to smokers, consist of fragrant clothes and more money in your pocket, appear to be more than enough reasons for smokers to opt for such alternative.