Is said that numbers don’t lie! At least this is the reason that those organizing statistics, surveys, etc tells us. An UK electronic cigarette company study confirm that the number of e-cigarettes users has increased significantly and is growing for various reasons.

The study was conducted during the “Tobacco Free Day” in UK, and interviewed 500 users that used the electronic cigarettes and have quit smoking with them. The statement; 69% of users have testified that health is the main reason that made them choose electronic cigarette. Also in the survey users were asked what makes people continue to use this device. 73% of them responded that positive impact on their health, continues to feel it.

Health is the main motivation that cause smokers to quit smoking using the e-cigs. Also, comments and opinions they I receive confirm that wellness is the main factor that draw them to the e-cigarette.

31% of respondents were motivated by cost and the ability to smoke anywhere.

Vapers number increased so much that I started, every time I go outside, to see people with electronic cigarette in mouth: the post office, subway, car anywhere. This thing does not happen last year … two years ago when I started using electronic cigarette, everyone looked at me strange and I was stopped on the street to be asked what is that, how it works?