Are electronic cigarettes safer than regular cigarettes or they only represent some sophisticated instruments designed to attract a new generation of nicotine addicts? Right now, no one knows.

The electronic cigarette is a concept introduced to the market in recent years in response to a significant number of smokers and the severe diseases caused by the cigarette smoke.

The principle after which the electronic cigarette works is fairly straightforward. A device based on battery vaporizes the nicotine that is stored in a small tank, for this to be inhaled through the same gesture unique to the traditional smoking. To compensate the regular cigarette, the shape of the electronic cigarette is similar to those made from paper and filter.

By using the electronic cigarette, smokers can benefit, theoretically, from the absence of the multitude of toxic substances in the classic cigarette smoke.

Here are some pros and cons that could be helpful in making a decision.

Electronic Cigarette – Pros

  • Electronic cigarettes do not contain tar, tobacco or carbon dioxide, but they do include almost the same concentration of nicotine as regular cigarettes.
  • They do not leave an unpleasant odor, nor they cause yellowing of the teeth or skin.
  • They emit water vapors that are odorless, colorless and disappear within seconds.
  • Some researchers believe that the electronic cigarette can trigger nicotine dependence, though according to a study that had as subjects nicotine addicts, it was concluded that electronic smoking cigarettes attenuate the desire to smoke. Also, most participants in the study said that this type of cigarette had helped them to overcome the withdrawal symptoms involving giving up tobacco and avoid relapse.
  • Following the studies, it was discovered that the chemical substances in the electronic cigarettes could trigger serious health issues. However, some carcinogens in these cigarettes, compared to that in the classic cigarettes is 1,000 times smaller, since the nicotine utilized during electronic smoking cigarettes is not as harmful as tobacco.
  • They are cheaper than traditional smoking.

Electronic Cigarette – Cons
  • The nicotine in the composition of the electronic cigarette is addictive. Although not all devices contain nicotine, most of them include this substance that affects the neurotransmitters in the brain.
  • The electronic cigarette contains carcinogens – liquid nicotine, for example, which is even more dangerous than tobacco leaves.
  • Some manufacturers do not fully disclose the chemicals within the electronic cigarette cartridge, nor it has been able to prove the actual amount existing in the cartridge. It seems that many of these ingredients could be toxic and harmful to people.
  • Another effect of the electronic cigarette is the increased oxidative stress on the lungs. However, we cannot say at this time if the effect on the lungs is lengthy.
  • A recent study conducted by American researchers, claims that the prolonged use of the electronic cigarette could cause chronic lung diseases, precisely pulmonary emphysema because the vapors in this type of cigarette affect the proteins in the lungs in the same way as smoke from a conventional cigarette does.