Did you know that investing on an electronic cigarette can save you thousands of dollars a year? That is the truth. A lot of people are intimidated by the idea of switching to smokeless cigarettes because they think that it is too expensive and the just would not be able to afford it. Nothing is farther from the truth. If you can afford to smoke a cigarette then you can most definitely afford to invest on an electric cigarette. Why is that the case? Aren’t electronic cigarettes very expensive from the get go?

Electronic Cigarette Savings

Electronic Cigarette Savings

Well, put it this way, an e-cigarette is an investment. That means that you have to dole out a certain amount of cash at first. Hence, buying an electronic cigarette for yourself may seem really expensive because you spend a certain amount of money all at one time. Hence, you really feel it in your wallet or see it in the drop of your bank account.

Cigarettes, however, can be very sneaky. You can buy a box at a time and in instances, you can buy it per stick! You are spending just a small amount of money for it and so you think that you are actually saving. Well, if that is the way that you think, then you have been fooled. Yes, you may just be spending a small amount of money for your cigarette but here is what you forget to do – you fail to do simple math.

Indulge me here for a moment and take out a calculator and let us do math together. How many sticks of cigarette do you smoke in a day? Multiply that to the number of days in a week. After you get your answer, just multiply the amount again to the number of weeks in a month. After which, you can multiply it to 12 which is the number of months in a year. That is the total number of cigarettes that you smoke annually.

Now let us talk numbers. If you buy cigarettes by box then simply divide the cost by the number of sticks in a box. Now, multiply that amount to the total number of cigarettes that you smoke in the year. The amount that is reflected there is the amount of money that you end up spending on cigarettes alone. That is hard earned money that you could have spent more wisely elsewhere. That is how tricky cigarette smoking is!

Going back to e-cigs, well, yo do spend a lot on the first go but after that, you will realize that your expenses will be minimized greatly. Plus, it takes a while for you to refill on your electronic cigarette and it depends greatly on the number of puffs that you take. The less you puff, the longer it will be for you to refill your cigarette and the less you end up spending on your habit in the long run.