electronic-cigarette-road-myths-274x421Today is no longer a secret that many people use the electronic cigarette as a healthier alternative to the normal cigarette. However, if you search online for this subject, you will come across many articles. Some people support the electronic cigarettes while other are completely against it and say that they have proved to be even more dangerous than normal cigarettes. In this article, we will discuss the 10 most common myths when it comes to this subject and we will provide arguments for each one that will crush the rumors you hear everywhere.

1. The electronic cigarette leads to smoking

Recent studies show that more than one in three hundred people try the traditional cigarette after they begin vaping. In fact, the electronic cigarette is an alternative to smoking based on tobacco. People choose the electronic cigarette in order to quit smoking.

2. The electronic cigarette does not help smokers quit

There is a ton of evidence that many people have made a wise choice when they considered the electronic cigarette as an alternative to traditional cigarettes based on tobacco. For example, the results published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine showed that after 6 months of using the electronic cigarette, most people have not returned to the old habit of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

3. Electronic cigarettes are carcinogenic

The traditional cigarettes with tobacco are full of chemicals known to be carcinogens. However, the electronic cigarettes are not carcinogen and there is no evidence that they contain any substance proven to be harmful to the human body.

4. The vapors from electronic cigarettes are as dangerous as the cigarette smoke

The smoke from traditional cigarettes with tobacco contains a lot of carcinogens substances – and these substances are nowhere to be found in the vapors from the electronic cigarettes. The vapors produced by the electronic cigarettes actually result from the heating of glycerin. Also, unlike the smoke from the traditional cigarettes, the vapors produced by the electronic cigarettes don’t emanate that tiring and toxic smell.

5. Electronic cigarettes may explode

Although electronic cigarettes may explode, these unfortunate events occur only rarely and because of a human error. These unpleasant events may occur only if the electronic cigarettes are constructed at home and made by non-professionals. For your safety, it is recommended that you purchase your electronic cigarette from a safe place. If you use them according to their instructions, you have nothing to worry about.

6. Electronic cigarettes attract children and adolescents

Everywhere you go, clients must have the minimum legal age in order to purchase an electronic cigarette. Even if usually the packages used and the variety of flavors are designed to attract everyone, people who have not reached the legal age to purchase the products can not buy from vape shops.

7. Electronic cigarettes create a stronger addiction than regular tobacco cigarettes

Although the variety of flavors from the collection designed for electronic cigarettes might tempt consumers to try more and more, there is no evidence to suggest that electronic cigarettes produce a greater dependence than tobacco cigarettes. In facts, there are studies that prove the opposite.

8. Nobody knows exactly what is in the composition of the liquid used for electronic cigarettes

This can be true only if you use a counterfeit e-liquid or an e-liquid produces by a company with no reputation. Reputable manufacturers know exactly what they put in the e-liquids they produce and the list of ingredients is not secret.

9. Electronic cigarettes do not contain nicotine

Nicotine is present in almost all e-liquids. However, there are people who do not want e-liquid with nicotine and for this segments of customers has been made e-liquid without nicotine. These e-liquids that do not contain nicotine have the exact same flavor and produce the same exact amount of vapors as the e-liquid with nicotine. For those who want e-liquid with nicotine, there are e-liquids with all concentrations of nicotine, starting from 3 mg per ml up to 36 mg nicotine per ml of liquid.

10. E-liquids contain antifreeze

A total false statement! Any company producing e-liquid that wants to operate for more than a few weeks would never add toxic chemicals in the e-liquid. The liquid used in the manufacture of the e-liquid is called propylene glycol and it can be found in most foods. Antifreeze is used to produce a completely different substance called ethylene glycol. The e-liquid does not contain antifreeze because producers want their customers to be around for a long time.


If you are going to be a user of the electronic cigarette be prepared to hear a lot more myths about the using of an electronic cigarette. Try to be constantly updated with the last information about electronic cigarettes. You can take this information from the blogs of shops or even from the producers. There are a lot of blogs, forums and other private communities where you can find any information that interests you regarding the electronic cigarette.