Electronic Cigarette – Vapor Smoke Health Benefits

Smokers who realize how dangerous tobacco is, are trying to find alternatives to ease the process of giving up this nasty habit. A pretty good version of this is electronic cigarette, which is said to be a healthier alternative to smoking.

What is the E-Cigarette ?

Electronic cigarette is a battery operated device that looks like a usual cigarette, but contains nicotine dissolved in water, glycerin and flavors. Most electronic cigarettes are disposable, rechargeable and are supposed to be less toxic and a harmful alternative to regular cigarettes, but in no case a treatment for smoking cessation.
Electric cigarette was invented in China and was made by a Chinese pharmacist, called Hon Lik in 2004. Since then, electronic cigarettes are advertised and sold around the world.

How does E-cig Work?

E-cigarette Without Smoke

E-cigarette Without Smoke

Every time you inhale the smoke from the  e-cigarette, a pressure sensor activates the battery who powered the evaporator. Evaporator heats so fluid evaporates, giving the sensation of smoking. E-cig thus satisfy nicotine addiction, and addiction to smoking.
Electric cigarettes manufacturers claim that it contain no toxic fumes, don’t contain any tar and other chemicals that are found in cigarettes.

Are smokeless cigarettes a safe alternative to smoking?

The effects that electronic cigarettes have on health are still uncertain, but there are some  ongoing research to see what are the effects on long term. There are some information on this issue:
The nicotine from electronic cigarettes maintain smoking addiction.
Inhalation of nicotine, even in the electronic cigarette can lead to cancer over time. Also, can lead to heart disease and cardio-vascular attacks.
American Public Health Association said that electric cigarettes are at least 1000 times less dangerous than regular cigars for human health and encourage their use instead of the natural tobacco.