A lot of smokers try to kick the bad habit only to fail in the last leg of the journey.  That is because quitting is not the hardest part – it is sticking to your conviction to quit for good.  Usually, those who have tried smoking and have experienced the pleasure that it brings are drawn back easily to this habit.  But what if there is a way to quit smoking and shift to its alternative?  What if this alternative will enable you to take care of your health even as you enjoy the sensation of huffing and puffing?  That is why electronic cigarettes are created – they are the smoking alternative which unlike most alternatives is only the “next best thing”, this one is indeed the real thing.

So what makes electronic cigarettes the best smoking alternative?

First, it gives you the feeling that you are really smoking even though you are not.  It looks like a real cigarette, it feels like a real cigarette and it even tastes like a real cigarette.  That way, you do not crave for the pleasure that cigarette gives because you are still experiencing it.  The main difference lies in the fact that electronic cigarettes have no tar, carcinogen and other chemicals that may harm your health in the future and puts you at risk of lung cancer.  It is indeed the healthier alternative.

Second, electronic cigarettes enable the user to blow “smokeless smoke” and by that it means that you are using vapor to take the place of smoke.  That way, you are not damaging your lungs (and those around you) because that is actually just vapor.  So as you smoke it, you feel like you are really smoking while making sure that your lungs stay healthy.

Third, don’t you just hate how smoke tends to cling to your clothes and even your hair so you can smell it even a couple of minutes after you smoke?  You never have to worry about that with an electronic cigarette because as mentioned earlier, it is still just vapor so you can stay smelling fresh and clean all day long.  Who would have thought that taking the smoking alternative could help improve your social life as well?

Fourth, electronic cigarettes turn out to be cheaper than tobacco smoking in the long run.  Do not be scared of the initial cash out because in the stretch of time, you are spending (and wasting) more money with your tobacco cigarette.  Sure, a couple of sticks a day are not too bad but get your calculator and start computing.  Multiply the amount of money on sticks that you spend in a day, then in the number of weeks and then the number of months.  That would give you a concrete figure on how much you have spent on cigarettes alone.  In the long run, an electronic cigarette proves to be the wiser investment.

Those are but 4 of the reasons why electronic cigarettes are the best alternative to smoking.  Find out the other benefits yourself.