e-cigs explode?I note with amazement the news about the electronic cigarette battery that explode frighten population. There are people who have no idea what electronic cigarette is but they know that a battery exploded, no joke it’s real situation. And I met not this situation to more than one person.

Like it or not media have an important word to say in our lives. We are still guided by the slogan “lie people with TV.” Hard to believe and yet, this phenomenon occurs¬† in our day by day life.

Can you imagine what would happen if tomorrow on TV some guy throw a bomb like: “A man who smoking electronic cigarette died!” I think it would create a total panic, massive chaos, people who were going to try to quit smoking with electronic cigarette would frighten and would not try electronic cigarettes, vapers would return to the usual cigars, online stores would be closed, etc.. But no one would think maybe that man died could have cancer or who knows what other problem. Everybody would think that the electronic cigarette is the problem.

People can be easily influenced … that’s why on the market even those that sell electronic cigarettes cheap and bad, know how to sell. You should do a poll to see how many people were tempted to buy electronic cigarettes from teleshopping?

In fact, poor people are not to blame for all news and advertisements that are designed such way to manipulate anyone. People don’t know details about the e-cigarette and it is normal because it is a new product. If they see it on teleshoping, then see it in the store, but at teleshopping was cheaper, they will buy it there because they don’t know the difference. Only after they get home and see that e-cig doesn’t help at all begin to do research on the internet and find out more. In the worst case they don’t research at all, and categorizes electronic cigarette as a bad product. And so they miss the chance to lead a healthy lifestyle and to add some money in the pockets…