What Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit is the Best?

Confused about what electronic cigarette starter kit is the best? Electronic Cigarettes Exposed cuts through the marketing hype to help you find the most effective electronic cigarette at the most cost-effective price. We purchased 3 electronic cigarette starter kits for over 100 people, and gathered their feedback. Real results, from real consumers, just like you. Below are the ratings based on user feedback.

So what is the difference between a regular cigarette and an electronic cigarette? A cigarette is lit, it burns and delivers not only nicotine but a whole host of other toxic chemicals, we believe our Electric Cigarettes or Electronic Cigarettes do mimic a regular tobacco based cigarette, but they don’t mimic the tar, the carbon monoxide or the host of other chemicals.

We inhale, this inhalation delivers nicotine and the battery and atomizer are the electronics that deliver the functionality. This is what an electronic Cigarette does.