Sensory organs will function normally again, slowly you start to feel the smells, tastes long forgotten, and will clean your lungs. Achieve a beautiful smile, no stains and bad breath. A healthy skin, without wrinkles and premature aging risk. Forget about diabetes, sexual dysfunction, fatigue and headaches. Start a new life, will find fresh air, with friends and loved ones.

Replacing normal cigars with electronic cigarettes bring the following benefits:
With electronic cigarette you will not inhale the 4,000 chemicals and 50 carcinogens substances found in burning tobacco.

– No tar in the lungs
– No toxic fumes and smelly air for passive smokers around you
– Electronic cigarettes are much cheaper than normal cigarettes
– A better choice of flavors
– No fire or burning of any substance
– No irritation of the eyes that make you blink
– No smells “hard” on clothes, car, hands, mouth, home, etc.
– No full ashtrays, lighters, ash,
– Smokeless cigarettes do not burn themselves, without wasting
– Electric cigarettes can be used in places where smoking is prohibited

To completely quit smoking, you can start “vaping” a powerful e-liquid nicotine to pass from one medium to one low and eventually you can vape a liquid without nicotine . Important is that you don’t have to give up the habit you like and that you know that is hardest to quit. Not to mention that you’ll be in trend with the e-cigarette.

Nicotine capsule contains about 1 ml of diluted nicotine. Components: water, flavors of food, nicotine, propylene glycol. Liquid nicotine in tobacco is obtained during a procedure that eliminates biological components from harmful and preserves the useful ones, ultimately it is flavored. Thus, it preserves the flavor of the cigarettes, but eliminate harmful derivatives.