You must have heard of electronic cigarettes and wondered if they’re really OK to use. They’re considered smokeless cigarettes because they are safer for you and to those around you. This is quite a bold claim as you can still see something coming out of a smoker’s mouth while using an electronic cigarette. It’s not smoke. It’s vapor. Smoke from regular cigarettes contains tar and other carcinogenic substances because it was created from burning paper and tobacco leaves. These are the elements that are smelly in the air, leave a dirty taste in your mouth and really cause harm to people exposed to them. As for electronic cigarettes, they only release water vapor which is why you’re not spreading tar or polluting the air with it. It doesn’t even smell.

Among the smokeless electronic cigarettes, the first ones that came out, the bigger ones, can produce more vapor than the super mini versions. The super mini electronic cigarettes are about the size of a regular stick of Marlboro lights. They look like it, too. To some people, the vapor from the super mini isn’t enough but a really clever user found a fix for that. If you compare the super mini to bigger e-cigarettes, you’ll notice that the bigger ones only have one hole on the side of the cylinder. The smaller one has two. What the user did is cover one hole of the super mini with tape and the issue was fixed. Personally I’m not bothered by the amount of vapor from the super mini so doing this is needless. It does mean that this newer model is more flexible than the older ones. It’s more compact, too.

Electronic CigaretteOther added advantages to smokeless electronic cigarettes are that since they don’t burn anything, they don’t leave any smell or ashes. This is why some company is even bold enough to claim that you can smoke anywhere with electronic cigarettes. Why couldn’t you? When there are more and more public spaces where smoking is banned, it definitely is a hassle to look for places that can accommodate smokers. You don’t have to worry about littering in a park or accidentally burning anything in a fancy restaurant. You can still get your dose of nicotine without giving off smoke.

That leaves me to another concern most people who are new to electronic cigarettes ask. What about the nicotine? Nicotine, like caffeine, is a stimulant and it’s quite addictive. Smokeless cigarettes do not expose others to nicotine in the air. In fact, there are even cartridges for electronic cigarettes that do not contain any nicotine.

Electronic cigarettes are for smokers who would like to reduce their health risks and find it hard to kick the smoking habit. Let’s face it, it’s even harder for them to quit when they are around other smokers. Electronic cigarettes reduces their exposure to harmful agents while at the same time relieves them from resisting a habitual urge.