WhiteCloudCig Review

WhiteCloudCig Review


I looked around for electronic cigs and found White Cloud Cigs to be the most expensive and might I say luxury e-cigs out there. I thought t was way overpriced or something because no way a starter kit should cost over $200. So out of curiosity I checked out their site and wondered what was so special about them that the vendor’s so confident about the price. It’s pretty steep and I won’t be surprised to hear other people say it won’t be their first choice when they’re giving ecigs a try.

White Cloud ecigarette give me the impression that they’re the Mac of electronic cigarettes. What makes them different from all of the e-cigs I found so far is that they appear to be more advanced in technology and design. They have the most compact e-cigs so far with batteries that can match or even outlast the big ones for electric cigarettes. So I was really impressed with how they really care about quality and their customers because they sure appear that way. Their customer service contact person is Patti and it’s these attention they have for their clients that convinced me to try their products.

I ordered a starter kit and it arrived pretty fast. Fortunately I never found anything wrong with it so I haven’t talked to Patti, their customer service person although I’ve been reading a lot of good reviews about her performance. Not a lot of companies take care of their customers like the way they say she does anymore. This is why there’s a premium on White Cloud products. If only there were a tip jar online I bet Patti’s would be brimming. Anyway, the package is really neat. It’s more compact and lighter than I thought it would be. Compared to my other ecigs, it’s a real pound for pound e-cig, a handbarrow among all chilis and definitely was worth the premium.

I’m still using my White Cloud Cigs and among my e-cig using friends, it’s earned the reputation of being a Rolls Royce of electronic cigarettes. I’m thinking of retiring the C2 model and get their new one. My friends are already asking if they can have it. It’s that good. I never hesitated to recommend this brand to my friends after they saw the product and because I think White Cloud Cigs really do take care of their customers well. That for me is a good indication that they’ll be around for a long time because they know the value of repeat customers.

I do hope they stick around for a long time and continue to bring the best e-cigs to the market.

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