Vapor4Life Review


Vapor4Life claims they’re the original maker of Vapor King, a now known electronic cigarette brand receiving a lot of good reviews from happy customers. There’s another Vapor King vendor and I compared their products to Vapor4Life, they’re not the same at all. The other vendor seems to carry more varieties in the atomizer, cartridges and accessories. However, Vapor4Life’s offer has more color options which I thought were fun.

So I ordered a starter kit from Vapor4Life. I placed an order Tuesday and I got at on Friday in the same week. Shipping was pretty fast. I charged the batteries overnight. I wouldn’t be bothered to time it really so I was vaping by Saturday. The experience was OK I guess. The vapor was just right. Well, I do know how to smoke an e-cig as this is not my first brand to try. I do appreciate the 6 second automatic shut off instead of 3 from the other ones that I’ve tried before.

I didn’t have to have anything replaced as I found my order from them was OK. I was a little worried about their customer service should I have any problems because the website doesn’t have a lot of information in it. I just picked this from word of mouth. I heard their customer service is ok and it probably is since I got my order shipped fairly quickly.

I do like the cig cases. The kit I got had a pass through and wall charger. Too bad it didn’t have a car charger. I guess for the price I got it for it was OK. For the cartridge, I got five in the kit. It lasted me five days. I smoke at most half a pack a day so the cartridges delivered. Compared to others, they seem to have a little more and you can puff more vapor from them.

What I do like is the number of flavors they carry. They have flavors I never thought were even possible in cigarettes. I’ve tried chocolate, orange, strawberry tobacco cigarettes. Those were fun. From Vapor4Life I tried the melon flavor just for the heck of it. It was strangely refreshing. Now I’m curious what pancake and waffle flavors taste like. I never imagined breakfast food items can be cigarette flavors, not even for sheesha but it’s an interesting experience. I’m not sure which ones have nicotine and which ones don’t. The vapor juice page has very little information other than the name of the flavor and some pictures of where the flavor is supposed to be from. I’m not sure how that was helpful but for me it did arouse some curiosity.

All in all, Vapor4Life is worth trying. Their site has limited information which may put you off but for me it was a risk worth taking. I still enjoy my “original” Vapor King.

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