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The first electronic cigarettes I got were from SafeCig. It took me a lot of convincing to try ecigarettes. At first I was very hesitant and doubtful because I wonder why it wasn’t really widely advertised as truly safe. I read up on a lot of articles about it online, where e-cigs are mostly talked about. I didn’t know anyone who’s tried it. Despite the information I got online, what made me decide to try it finally were some celebrity endorsements from Kath Heigl on the Letterman show and Johnny Depp in the movie The Tourist. I was still a skeptic about how e-cigs can be good enough to replace tobacco cigarettes as I assumed the two wouldn’t feel the same at all much like the real thing and a simulator.

So I bought a starter kit from the Safe Cig. It’s very reassuring to know that they have no tar and carbon monoxide. I’ve been smoking for over ten years and it’s starting to take its toll on my health. I thought switching to e-cigs would help me quit the habit. So I put the starter kit together. It was as easy as using a new cell phone. I took a long slow drag for about 5 to 6 seconds and I was gladly surprised to get a lot of vapor from it. It wasn’t hot like I thought it would be since it did look like steam from the videos I’ve seen prior. It tasted a bit different from tobacco cigarettes. I suppose that’s from the lack of tar. It tasted clean. There wasn’t that dirty aftertaste. There wasn’t any smell either from the vapor. It’s really is just water.

The Safe Cig did live up to its name. I puffed a lot of it on the first day mostly out of excitement because there’s no smell at all. It took me a while to forget about using the ash tray. Now I just set it down on the desk. It’s become a new habit that I’m reluctant to smoke any tobacco cigarettes now. I wouldn’t want to set those down on the desk by mistake.  E-cigs are non flammable and I’m used to how safe they are that I can’t go back to tobacco cigarettes and endanger myself, the carpet and the furniture around me.

I smoked or vaped it in a club. Everyone else was smoking tobacco cigarettes at that time. It’s really convenient to not need an ash tray. I was going around with e-cig in hand. I couldn’t do that with tobacco cigarettes without risking accidentally burning someone else. I used it in the non-smoking sections in the café, too.  It did surprise a few people but we were still breathing clean air despite my vaping. I’m very happy to make this change. It’s very liberating.


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