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When it comes to finding good e-cigarette brand reviews online, there seems to be more misinformation than information. As their popularity grows in the United States and beyond, finding quality information about these products becomes a very pressing matter. Here are two honest facts that can guide any first-time or long-time e-cigarette user. First of all, this product doesn’t work for everyone. Some people find switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes the easiest transition they’ve ever made, however, others find it more difficult and take longer to switch or give up on the product altogether. Another interesting fact is that among the top e-cigarette companies, their models are very similar in design. Some of them have slightly longer battery life and other produce slightly more vapor, but side-by-side they are very similar.

Despite having similar designs to other products, South Beach Smoke has been rated #1 by consumer reports when it comes to battery life and vapor produced, which are generally the two most important e-cigarette qualities. Another important design quality is the realistic look and feel of these products which makes enhances the smoking experience prevents curious encounters in public places.

South Beach Smoke Review

The main non-design qualities of an e-cigarette product are price and customer service. Of the top four companies, no one offers the same quality, price and customer service as South Beach Smoke. The numbers do not lie; top e-cigarette companies offer their starter kits for around $100 whereas South Beach Smoke offers their product for as low as $29.99 for their standard model and $49.99 for their upgraded starter kit model. South Beach Smoke can afford to offer these prices because they have an incredible retention rate and high levels of customer satisfaction.

Customer service is a key component when purchasing e-cigarettes. As with all electronic devices, problems may occur and they must be resolved quickly, especially when it comes to smoking devices. Being constantly available is a must of an e-cigarette company and South Beach Smoke has superb all-around customer service.

South Beach Smoke also provides “peaceofmind” in the ordering process by providing a 30-day money back guarantee. And, if a customer chooses to sign up for the home delivery program, they can cancel at any time with no strings attached or hoops to jump through. Many customers choose the Home Delivery Program because it provides a steady supply of cartridges at a frequency of their choosing and allows them to save 30% on every cartridge order… even more impressive is that HDP members receive a Lifetime Warranty which includes replacement of faulty and ‘dead’ batteries. No other e-cigarette company out there is offering this at the time of writing.


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