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I was looking around for a decent electronic cigarette starter kit and I found SmokeTip. I was happy with the price and the reviews seemed OK so I ordered a starter kit. It arrived pretty soon and it didn’t take long for me to put it together and use it. I think I charged the batteries 8 hours first.  Anyway,  I learned a couple of things.

First thing is that it doesn’t work like a tobacco cigarette. I found that it’s better to take a 4 second drag instead of aggressively puffing it like one would a tobacco cigarette. You can’t adjust the amount of vapor you’d get by puffing more aggressively. It’s not something that burns so no amount of suction would make the vaping process any faster. On that note, the technique in smoking e-cigs is a bit different but still similar to the sensation of smoking a tobacco cigarette. You just have to make slow drags and not hurry. It’s not going to run out fast like a tobacco cigarette on a very windy day.

My experience with smoking Smoke Tip was satisfactory. I was very happy with the price and I found cheaper accessories that work with their e-cigs. That’s great because I can save more. I’m just not sure if the cheaper accessories are just as reliable because I didn’t have any problems with Smoke Tip at all. I noticed that it has a lot of good reviews online as one of the top e-cig vendors. I believe that. I’m a happy Smoke Tip user so far. I haven’t gone back to smoking tobacco cigs since I started using it a few weeks ago.

I also noticed that my cough went away after using Smoke Tip. I’ve been afraid to see a doctor on that but thankfully now I really won’t have to. I thought it was not going to be easy to switch to e-cigs but Smoke Tip made that possible and almost effortless. I haven’t craved for a tobacco cig since. I tossed out the ash tray. I smoked anywhere anytime I wanted to, no kidding this was the best part of it all. My non-smoking friend didn’t mind me vaping in his car. He’s asthmatic so at first he was reluctant about it but after realizing that I’ve been vaping in my room all day and he didn’t find it difficult to breath around me anymore, he was totally convinced.

I would recommend Smoke Tip to non-smokers living with smokers who like to smoke in the bathroom while they do their business. I think that does annoy a lot of non-smoking roommates. So, don’t walk in a smelly room anymore. I bet your roommate would switch to e-cigs permanently when he or she tries Smoke Tip.

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