Frii Electronic Cigarette Review

Frii Electronic Cigarette Review


Finally something that I purchased in the past few weeks that I am very happy with is the Smoke Free electronic cigarette. It’s more expensive than other electronic cigarettes I found but by now I have realized that the price tag does not really mean anything and does not even guarantee satisfaction. The starter kit I got only had one battery and five cartridges.  I wasn’t willing to spend for more than just this basic starter kit because I wanted to give this brand just a try. Had I known that I’d be very happy with it, I would have gotten a better deal.

Anyway, Smoke Frii’s e-cig pretty much looks like any other e-cig out there but what it lacks in stylish looks, it makes up for a lot with the vapor quality and its superior cartridge. So far its cartridges outlast any other ones out there and are about the equivalent of one and a half pack of cigarettes. This product is misleadingly expensive at first but in the long run, saved me a lot more money than any other that I’ve tried.

The quality’s good. It’s not messy or hard to manage. The battery life is also decent so even if I only have one, it never runs out on me while I’m out and about. It also helps that it comes with a USB charger because I’m on my laptop most of the time anyway. The draw is light. It’s not vapor heavy however it is satisfying. I’m not so crazy about a lot of vapor than I can handle and this one definitely is light for the throat especially for people who have to talk a lot for a living and experience discomfort in the throat. Usually the tobacco cigarette strains my throat and some other e-cigs that I’ve tried didn’t really help much. Smoke Frii’s e-cig gives smooth vapors that I don’t worry about smoking or vaping away while I’m dealing with a lot of customers all day.

Another plus that Smoke Frii has is that its design is better than a lot of electronic cigarettes that I’ve tried. There are only two pieces instead of three from other e-cigs. It’s easier to travel with their e-cig because I hardly need extra cartridges. At most I’d bring one. I keep the wall charger at home and keep the USB charger handy. It never fails me at all so I am very impressed with Smoke Frii. Even if the kit wasn’t cheap like the other brands, I got a very good deal from the satisfaction it gives me.


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