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I got myself an expensive Green Smoke e-cig and quite frankly, it was not what I expected from an electronic cigarette at that price. I was expecting something more high end since it is more expensive than a lot of e-cigs out there. I could buy an e-cig from an offline store for much less and not easily have anything returned if I had a problem with the battery or something else.

The first thing about Green Smoke e-cig is that it’s not the newest technology in e-cigs. Given that it’s less than half the price of the most sophisticated e-cig I thought it would be better than the cheaper ones. I was a bit disappointed that one of the batteries was not working as it should so I had it replaced. This is probably where the price is justified. It wasn’t hard to get in touch with anyone from their customer service. The only hassle was that I had to ship back the defective battery to have in replaced. Fair enough that they have a business to run so they can’t just give away freebies like that, I shipped it in and got my replacement right away.

So I didn’t have a good impression from the battery itself and I was thinking that I spent more than I should. Then I compared how Green Smoke e-cig to my other e-cigs. Maybe I got the older version that they said was going to be phased out because there’s a 3 second automatic shut off. That made taking a longer drag for more vapor impossible. I had to do 2 drags to get decent amount of vapor.

I talked to customer service about this and they recommended the Vapor Monster. I wish I knew about this in the first place so I got this e-cig from them. At least this one works the way it should. I was getting a lot of vapor alright and that was satisfying.

I was hoping that purchasing a more expensive product would be assuring but apparently it’s not in the case of Green Smoke. They do have nice products that I wish I had known about before I placed my order so I wouldn’t have to go back and forth with them. I suppose this can be worked on. Their customer service was accommodating and responds fast so that’s where the premium for their e-cigs went.

All in all, I thought their e-cigs were alright. I didn’t really have problems dealing with them either. I just wish there was more information available before I made the purchase at that time. It would have saved me a lot of effort. It’s also good to know that their e-cigs are compatible with most e-cigs out there so I didn’t have any trouble using another battery which wasn’t from them.

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