Electronic Cigarette ESmoke Review


eSmoke was a sensation when the first electronic cigarettes came out in the U.S. They’re very accessible and mostly appeal to women. They marketed their brand as something chic and a better alternative for women. Why wouldn’t it be? It removes the smelly components of smoking. Women can enjoy puffing their nicotine without having to worry about how they smell afterwards.

I tried eSmoke last year and I was surprised that the starter kit only had two batteries. There was a short one and a long one. Compared to other brands, it’s still a lot more affordable for the quality that it has. It’s actually pretty good and works well. I didn’t have any problems with the kit I got.

eSmoke doesn’t have a separate atomizer and cartridge. I guess you can call the new thing as atomizer – It makes the electronic cigarette compact. The atomizers have their own plastic cases so it was easy for me to switch flavors and not get any cartridge dry out quite unnecessarily. I tried chocolate, vanilla, coffee and the regular flavor. They all tasted fine. The only thing I had to get used to was the amount of air that was going in. There seems to be a little more air than the smoke or vapor itself coming in so it was like smoking something thinner. The difference between smoking this e-cigarette and a tobacco one can be felt but it didn’t really drag the quality down to a great extent. Personally it was still OK. It was enough for me to not crave for any tobacco cigarette.

I did notice that the battery on this one didn’t run out fast. I guess the model wasn’t activating erratically unlike the other ones that I’ve tried. So that means when I set it down somewhere, it won’t turn on by itself and just drain the battery. I was able to use it all day without any problems.  I only used one fully charged battery that day.

I tried to lessen the air by tightening the cartomizer but it didn’t seem to work. I did notice that the air could be coming from the tip of the battery so I party covered it with a fingertip when I took a drag. It kind of worked but it didn’t really activate the battery pretty well. It was unpredictable. Other than trying to do something about the air, I didn’t feel any need to improve anything else.

All in all, eSmoke’s electronic cigarette was good buy for my money. The e-cig is designed better than other cheaper models and it was reliable all day. I do suggest the upcoming models to have better vapor density or something like that. Other than that, the e-cig was just right.


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