ElectronicCigarettesInc Review

ElectronicCigarettesInc Review


I found this vendor of electronic cigarettes with the site electroniccigarettesinc.com. That was pretty easy to remember. Unlike the other vendors, they have been manufacturing and distributing their e-cigs in the U.S. which are more known as Vapor King. What I do like about Electronic Cigarettes Inc’s store is that I never need to go elsewhere to find parts, replacements or what not because they have a lot of them in stock and they also have varieties of designs to choose from.

I’ll start with the batteries which I think the ladies and any young person would appreciate. There are more color options instead of just the usual white or black. There’s red and blue for their Duo Pro series. They have three lines of e-cigs basically and the Duo Pro one appealed to me the most when it comes to functionality. The batteries, aside from having more color options, can be charged simultaneously in the charger pack. It’s this accessory that makes charging batteries a whole lot more manageable. As for the quality of the vapor, I’d say it’s pretty decent. I was happy with this line until I tried the Vapor King ones.

The Vapor King e-cigs really do live up to its advertising. I mean, it really does give you a lot of vapor. What’s even better is they have more color options for both the atomizer and the battery, my favorite of which is the stainless steel or chrome colored one. It makes me look like I’m smoking a rather stylish pen. There’s also the pink one which is chic for the ladies. If you don’t mind how the batteries have to be manually switched on, then Vapor King’s for you. I actually prefer this because the other e-cigs which are automatic can really drain the batteries out pretty quick, especially the cheap ones or the older models. They do sell the automatic ones but I haven’t tried them. I never had a problem with Vapor King’s batteries running out and they look a lot better than most designs out there.

I chose to get the manual switch batteries because I’ve tried other e-cigs that are automatic and half the time I had to modify the unit a bit or make guesses on how to have more control over the vapor. Some e-cigs just put out too much or too little. Some give you more air than vapor. That’s just one of the things that are OK if you’re trying this out but it takes some time of getting used to.

Overall, the liquid from Vapor King, yes they do sell the liquid, are OK and satisfying. I didn’t find refilling difficult. I think a cartridge is about half a pack anyway and I don’t smoke more than that a day. I’m happy staying “odorless” with the Vapor King.


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