BluCigs review

BluCigs Review


I got a good deal out of buying from BluCigs. They’re not my first e-cigs. My first ones lasted six months and the batteries didn’t last a day fully charged so instead of going back and forth with customer service I decided to switch brands and give this one a try. It turns out to be a very good decision. I’ve been using Blu Cigs for almost a year now and I couldn’t be any happier.

They weren’t expensive and they’re good value for my money. I can carry them around in a case that looks like a pack of tobacco cigarettes. They’re pretty compact so they fit in my purse well. The design is classy and the functionality was reliable. The batteries last longer so I only had to use up one battery a day since I smoke like half a pack usually. The cartridges lasted me a day each as well. The vapor quality was alright. I didn’t have to make any adjustments or modifications for it to produce more vapor. It was fine as it is.

It was cheaper than the first one I bought but surprisingly the quality is a lot better. So far I don’t need any replacement parts. The batteries, charger and everything else that came in the pack still work just as well. By now I’ve saved hundreds of dollars from just using BluCigs.

I’m an e-cigs fan and I can’t tell you enough how effective electronic cigarettes are in taking you off tobacco cigarettes. In fact I hardly remember what that dirty aftertaste from smoking tobacco cigs is like. I’ve been clean for over a year. As for nicotine addiction, I’ve started using flavors with no nicotine. It’s like smoking a sheesha but a lot more satisfying.

So when looking for an electronic cigarette, it’s better to put your money in a quality e-cig. You can save a lot of money instead of buying tobacco cigs if you get the right e-cig. I’ve spent more on purchasing starter kits at the beginning but after getting on the e-cig for 3 to 6 months, you can start seeing the actual savings from switching to e-cigs.

I haven’t felt compelled to go back to tobacco cigarettes although maybe e-cigs can be acquired taste for some. I prefer how hygienic it is to use e-cigs because I don’t have to worry about the ashes or the smell or accidentally burning something. Also, I haven’t had a cough for over a year. That’s pretty much the biggest benefit I got out of e-cigs.

Anyway, my Blu Cigs purchase is so far the best that I’ve made. It really stretched my dollar. Mine still works and I’m very happy to use it.

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