No Smoking DayWednesday, March 14, the English celebrate No Smoking Day. This day is celebrated since 1948 and was designed to help smokers quit. There are organized many counseling programs, to meet the physicians to help smokers to quit. Each year the organizers have set a theme to encourage smokers. This year the slogan is “Take the leap”. Many of us have chosen electronic cigarettes to quit classic smoking.

On this day, I thought to make a proposal to U.S. smokers. I suggest smokers to try and resist a day without smoking but I give them permission to use the electronic cigarette, not to struggle too much. Also I will provide you with all the advice, you can write me to ask me any, I’m available. Who manages without electronic cigarette has all my esteem.

I’m waiting for pictures illustrating how you tried. Also if you can I wait for stories, with feelings that you have gone.

Give it a try, is to your advantage. You may remain surprised by what happens.

When I first tried the e-cigarette, I was one of those who didn’t want to quit smoking, I just wanted to stop smoking in the house. But I liked so much to vape¬† that I’ve never felt the need to smoke from my classic cigars. I didn’t wanted to quit smoking and still not wanting to give up vaping, what can I say; I’m an smokeless cigarettes fan.
There are many steamers in my situation who have tried to give up with the electronic cigarette and were very pleased.