In the fight against smoking we have tried all sorts of methods, including drugs. Unfortunately, these drugs are not good for our physical and mental health. E-cigarette has been shown to be the best “medicine” in the fight against smoking.

Electronic Cigarette

Electronic Cigarette

If the doctors would not bother to discredit the electronic cigarette so much, they could recommend it strongly like a healthier substitute for normal smoking. But it seems that the big drug companies, along with tobacco manufacturers don’t the same opinion.

Let’s see how things actually are:

FDA (Food and Drug Administration – USA) recognized that nearly 300 cases of suicide were caused by those who tried to quit smoking using the famous drug “Champix”. For those who do not know Champix is a drug produced by Pfizer for smoking cessation. Those from Pfizer clearly have posted on their website, the prospectus (after being forced by the authorities), “Some people have changes in behavior, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions, while used Champix. “Some people have these feelings when they began treatment with Champix or several weeks later.

I can tell you: According to national statistics from the U.S., since the drug Chantix was approved, in 2006 were reported 98 suicides and 188 attempts.

And now I want to ask you a question: “How many people got sick, not to say worse, of those who tried to quit smoking with electric cigarette?

So far I do not know any, have been isolated cases of allergies that there is any food, any drink … even pollen. On this earth there are people allergic to anything!  However, so far I have not heard of depression, behavioral changes or disturbances by the use of electronic cigarettes.
I heard only good reactions, such as people feel better both physically in and physically began to feel, finally the real taste of food, no morning cough etc. There are many advantages that e-cig brought former smokers.

Yet, will all these the FDA continue to lead a fight to ban electronic cigarette. They tried many times to convince the population as an alternative e-cigarette is harmful, although so far without a single concrete argument. And when they tried to do, proved to be false statements. On all these lies were based media on all attempts to denigrate e-cigs. Not many have the time to read and to draw their own conclusion. In addition, a smoker to give up the “drug” needs to believe in this product in electronic cigarette and any negative information can make you quit attempt.

All testimonies of people who have written, you should convince dear smokers, the electric cigarette is infinitely healthier than conventional cigars.

In conclusion, try to understand why doctors also promotes such a drug as Champix and not e-cigarette. What would be the amount for which someone would promote a drug that lead to suicide??