Have you ever thought that quitting smoking by switching to electronic cigarette can improve your sex life? Of course you remember those cigarettes cigarette icon that appears “flattened” … but I don’t mean this issue. Although it would not be neglected.
I mean those men who have nonsmokers girlfriends or smokers women who have boyfriends … more rare this version, but there are cases.

There are many times after you have had sex you need to get out of the warm crib, the bedroom or the house, the balcony … to quickly shoot a deserved cigarette. I speak of course about the  “after cigarette “. I think there are readers knowing what I’m talking about … and it happened to me also.
Since electronic smoke, things have changed. After E-cigarette can be used successfully even in bed, because it does not bother the person next to you.
Another problem will be the smell you  emanate after classic smoking. The smoke is very disturbing to not smoking people. So chances for a new catch is diminished greatly.

You would create a new slogan: “electronic cigarette helps sex” and I’m not referring here to cybersex …. there you can smoke what ever you want.