Brad RoduThere are many discussions on the electronic cigarette vapor and how they affect those that inhales it, including bystanders. In cigars smoke is already known that there are thousands of potentially dangerous substances, the question is, are these substances found also in electronic cigarette? According to a study published in 2011, conducted by Dr. Siegel and Cohn, “none of the over 10,000 chemicals present in tobacco smoke, including 40 that are known to be carcinogenic, wasn’t found to be present in e-cigarette cartridges. ”

Here is the opinion of Brad Rodu, Professor of Medicine at the University of Louiseville and researcher in tobacco-related hazards reduction program: “With respect to smokers, there are many research and scientific documentation according to which ingredients used in electronic cigarettes (nicotine, propylene glycol, water and flavors) is much safer than burning tobacco and inhalation of 4000 toxic substances. Claiming that electronic cigarettes are dangerous for non-smokers is like you said that air transport is dangerous for people who have never set foot on the plane.

What professor Brad Rodu want to say is that there is are no dangers yet, at least from what we know until now, for the people around a person who’s vaping electronic cigarettes. And even if there was a possibility, these dangers would probably be very small and wouldn’t have devastating effects on health as passive smoking have. Research will likely continue and in time we would find out exactly.

So, dear readers, if you still hear such talk, will don’t worry for anyone health because is not affected when vaping electronic cigarette. Such discussions can be classified as “scarecrow to prevent the growth of electronic cigarette sales.” And you know that there are many discussions and news that appear and can be classified in this category.