What is electronic cigarette?

Electronic cigarette is an electric device shaped like a normal cigar, which has features similar to this. The most important thing is that it meet the person need for tobacco dependence, allowing smokers to inhale the vapes of nicotine, without chemicall in tobacco or burning paper.
The e-cig have a nicotine cartridges, which can be replaced and has a rechargeable battery power. Thus, all smokers risks disappear as electric cigarette smoke is completely harmless for both active  and passive smokers.

What are the benefits of e-cigarette?

With the adoption of this way of smoke, odor breath disappears, coughing, yellowed fingernails, curtains and clothes that smell as tobacco, not to mention the risk of cancer, atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease and many other diseases .
Also, you must know that it does not pollute the environment and the risk of fire is excluded.

What does electronic cigarettes contain?

An electronic cigarette contains water, nicotine, propylene glycol. Most people know that tobacco is bad for health, but do not know that nicotine is not responsible for this. The nicotine only determine tobacco addiction that reaches the brain in less than 9 seconds after inhaling smoke.
The electronic gadget consists of a cartridge, a battery and a charger. The buyer receives instructions for use, very important for successful quit smoking .

How does electric cigarette works?

When the person inhales from the device, air is detected by a sensor, a microprocessor then activates an aerosol device that injects droplets of nicotine into the air and vaporizes the liquid. During this time a red LED lights – all being built, so you have the feeling of a real cigarette.

Who can use the e-cig?

E-cigarette is recommended to most of the enthusiasts of this vice. Can be used for people who smoke for a long time and feel the need to smoke, those who work in an environment where smoking is prohibited, but also smokers who want to quit their addiction.
But there are people who are not recommend for this method, like teens under 18, pregnant and nursing women, patients should avoid smoking and people allergic to nicotine.