They say that before you purchase anything, you must first weigh its pros and cons and if the pros outweigh the cons, then by all means, go ahead and purchase the item.  It is worth it.  The same is true with making the switch from tobacco smoking to electronic cigarette smoking.  Although it seems to be really enticing to try, you must be aware of both sides before you choose to purchase.  So these are the list of cons and pros of electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarette Cons:

  1. As of today, there have been no large scale studies or clinical studies that have been conducted to fully support the claims of electronic cigarettes.  Hence, we have no way of knowing if it truly is a better option compared to tobacco smoking although it is logical to think that it is healthier.  In order to truly strengthen its claims, studies have to be conducted so that buyers re 100 percent sure of the item that they are purchasing.
  2. Electronic cigarettes may not have the harmful carcinogenic chemicals present in tobacco smoking but it still contains one major substance – nicotine and we all know of its highly addictive effects.  The truth is, you have not really quit smoking when you use electronic cigarettes because you have not truly purged your body of nicotine and its addictive qualities.
  3. There are certain establishments that do not allow smoking in it.  Would electronic cigarettes be an exception since it is not a tobacco cigarette?  If an establishment allows it, then other “real” smokers can just sneak in since these ecigs look almost identical to a tobacco cigarette. Now if an establishment does not allow it, I can almost hear complaints since as mentioned earlier, it is not really “smoking”.

Electronic Cigarette Pros:

  1. Of course, there are also good things about electronic cigarettes and perhaps the most important one is the fact that it has no chemicals, carcinogens or tar that are found in tobacco cigarettes.  Health-wise, it is safe to say that this is the better option.  At least you know that your lungs will not suffer as much.
  2. You are even being a responsible citizen because you are not giving off second hand smoke that could potentially harm the health of the people seated near you.  With an electronic cigarette, you are not just taking care of your health but the health of others as well.
  3. In the long run, using an electronic cigarette is less expensive than tobacco smoking.  Yes, the initial cash out may be larger but it is a “one time big time” thing unlike traditional cigarettes that may seem like nothing but when you compute how much you spend on it for a week, a month and a year, you will be surprised that you have spent so much already.
  4. Electronic cigarettes have no smell so your home and your car never have to smell of cigarettes.

Weigh the cons and the pros of electronic cigarettes and find out if it will work for you.