expensive cigarsGood news for non smokers and electronic cigarette steamers, bad news for those who are still smoking, e-cigarette is much cheaper!

For smokers who already are considering quit smoking any increase in the price of cigarettes packs can be a “fatal blow” and point them to smoking cessation methods. For those like me who already have quit smoking with electronic cigarette, this step can only make us happy because as the number of smokers will decrease the more we will be safe from diseases caused by cigars smoke. Even if I quit smoking there are still many public places where smoking is allowed and if we stay and use the electronic cigarette in these places still breathe cigars smoke in the air.

Cigars packages were very expensive for many people, smoking has become a luxury we can’t afford. Many of them have turned their attention to the electronic cigarette and found that this is a great alternative to tobacco cigars. It was found that over 31% of people who have tried the electric cigarette, they did that becausevaping is much cheaper than smoking.

Undoubtedly vaping e-cig help you save money, and not just few. However, for most health comes first and so it would be. On one hand I feel sorry for smokers due this increases, so that’s probably hard for many to satisfy their smoking pleasure, on the other hand I enjoy it because I think there will be more determined to quit (which is for their own good) and our electronic cigarettes “clan”  will increase.