Different from almost a decade ago, when the first electronic cigarette was created in China in a unique model and size, today, somebody who decides to quit traditional smoking and embrace the use of electronic cigarettes has an extensive variety of types, sizes, and models to choose from. From mini-cigs to mid-sized electronic cigars, vaporizers, or electronic shisha pens, the market offers all sorts of varieties meant to replace the traditional and supposedly more harmful cigarette in your daily life.

Despite the fact that originally, the design of the electronic cigarettes in their mini-versions was remarkably similar to the shape, color, and size of the old-school cigarette, with the time passing the producers of the first decided that the similarities and sometimes confusion by third parts with the standard cigarette was not actually to the best advantage of the new type of revolutionary cigarettes. With the time passing, the first producers of the mini electronic cigarette have changed the design and also the quality of its components. It is from here that the odyssey of the electronic cigarette started and generated today a huge variety of sizes, shapes, and features of the electronic cigarette.

From this multitude of types and models, it is difficult for a classical smoker who was all his life put in front of choosing from a simple light versus strong, slim versus regular cigarettes, to manage to get the best solution for himself regarding electronic cigarettes. Of course, the size of the e-cigarette matters when it comes to quantity of nicotine and also the duration of life of the electronic cigarette. Size is not all though, most of the geeks of the electronic cigarettes assure us.

While mini electronic cigarettes are more appropriate for beginners, who just started using these new types of products, the mid-sized ones and even more the vaporizers and electronic shisha pens seem to be more of a product dedicated to the passionate electronic smokers who does this not only to get rid of the more unhealthy habit of old-fashion smoking, but also because he just loves the technology and devices behind the final result in terms of electronic smoking.

The main difference between mini, midi, maxi, and extra large electronic cigarettes is namely the fact that the bigger the e-cigarette, the more vapor it produces, and therefore the more nicotine one inhales with just a puff.

Also, if you are a heavy smoker, the minis’ might not give you the satisfaction that you require or are used to. This is the reason why heavy smokers will always go for at least the mid-version of the vaporizer cigar if not directly for the Advanced Professional Cigar (APV) version which allows you to regulate and decide over some vapors you want your cigarette to produce.

Also, the maxi sized cigarettes, as well as the electronic hookahs and electronic shisha pens, distinguish themselves from the random mini or mid electronic cigarette by the scale of the batteries, which in the case of the latter is very small, while in the case of the first can be impressively powerful. While the classical mini electronic cigarettes, or beginner’s e-cigarettes, most of the times are not even rechargeable, the extra large vaporizers are small pieces of electronic craftsmanship and sometimes enter the category of hip trendy gadgets that an electronic cigarette geek must try. For the heavy smokers though, the enlarged sizes of electronic cigarettes represent a big help indeed, mostly due to their option of setting some vapors produced accordingly to the needs and requirements of every user