Choosing to quit smoking is not as easy as steps 1, 2 and 3 the way that they say it in “tips on how to stop smoking”.  Smoking is an addiction and just like drugs, it takes a lot of effort, discipline and truth be told, even suffering on the part of the smoker before he or she can finally kick the habit.  Some choose to go cold turkey while other do it slowly – regardless of what method you use, there is always this huge chance of you failing in your goal and you will be among the smokers again in no time.  So the question is, how can you quit smoking for real?  The good news is, the technology to make that happen is now here and it is cold electronic cigarettes – your best choice to quit smoking.

Of course, not all electronic cigarettes are created equal.  Some have features that others do not, making it perfect for a certain user.  So these are the best electronic cigarettes based on reviews that could help you finally kick the bad habit of smoking.

The Safe Cig is an electronic cigarette brand that has a 2 part design – it has an atomizer that is built into its cartridge.  That means that every time you have your cartridge refilled, the atomizer will be replaced as well, with every cartridge equivalent to 2 packs of your typical tobacco cigarette.  Safe Cig targets only the present smokers in order to veer them away from the harmful effects of traditional cigarette smoking.  It does not aim to open a new market of electronic cigarette smokers and they do this by coming up with only 3 exotic flavors unlike other electronic cigarette brands that have fruity ones.  That way, young people who may decide to try smoking an electronic cigarette will not be encouraged.

For those who want their electronic cigarette light and small, Cirrus by White Cloud is the brand for you.  Do not be fooled though because tiny as it is, this ecig produces twice the amount of vapor as other electronic cigarettes.  Another great thing about it is that all you need is 50 minutes in order to charge it and it will last you for as long as 7 hours.  That sure is better than having to wait for 3 to 4 hours the way most electronic cigarette brands operate.

Premium Electronic Cigarettes on the other hand enables you to customize your ecig.  As you purchase, you will be given the option to get the long or short battery (which in turn will affect its battery time and the length of its charging time), choose the color of the carrying case and the batteries and you can even get a disposable electronic cigarette if you wish.  Among the other electronic cigarettes, the taste of this one is closets to Marlboro and that is why Marlboro smokers choose this electronic cigarette brand compared to others.