Best Electronic Cigarette

Best Electronic Cigarette

The best person to ask about the best electronic cigarette is probably Johnny Depp. He introduces electronic cigarettes in the movie, The Tourist, saying it’s not really smoking and it’s not tobacco as there is no smoke, no nicotine and works when puffed on demand saving the contents from combustion.

So how should you look for the best electronic cigarette for you? I didn’t know how to check these out myself until I read and actually tried a couple. The first things I considered were price and the look of the cigarette. What else would I know at first? It’s not like I could test the quality right away. Unlike the usual cigarettes, I learned pretty soon that I had to be more scrutinizing on these sticks as I’d be using one for months and it’s good to pick one I can live with.

First observation I made was that the cheap ones costing less than a hundred dollars are as good as disposable. They don’t last very long especially when you heat and cool the cigarette pretty often. They have a pretty short life span compared to the more expensive ones. To stay on the safe side, go for the ones costing above a hundred but no more than $200 as any starter kit beyond that is just too much especially when you’re trying out these cigarettes. Not only do these last longer, they’re more durable in case you drop them. These incidents are unavoidable even in regular cigarettes.

The next thing you have to look at and it’s also reflected in the price is the battery quality. Choose ones with longer battery life especially if you’ve never had an electronic cigarettes before. I wasn’t accustomed to charging my cigarette as really it never would naturally occur to anyone to have to recharge a cigarette. When you look at best electronic cigarette reviews, one of the most common complaints is battery problems. These devices are relatively new and there’s a lot of room for improvement when it comes to batteries. You might want ones that come with long warranty periods.

The true value of an electronic cigarette is in the replacement cartridges. When you choose among electronic cigarettes, you also have to consider how long the cartridges last along with the price as you may just end up spending more purchasing cheap cartridges instead of quality ones that last five times longer.

Another consideration is the flavor. E-Cigs will taste nothing like the real ones for very obvious reasons. The good thing about it is that your breath won’t smell and there won’t be a dirty taste lingering in your mouth. They’re actually good for your dental hygiene. Flavors offered by different electronic cigarette companies are just a matter of taste and unless you’re really picky, they’re but distractions.