cbd-vaping-liquidNowadays everybody knows about the whole range of health benefits that medical marijuana can provide for the human body if it is administered correctly to the system. It is not only a way of living your life, but it is also a great choice when considering either maintaining a healthy balance of the whole system or for recovery periods when the body needs that boost which can help it move forward.

When talking about medical marijuana, one should understand that we are referring to high CBD amounts found in the cannabis strain. This means that the one consuming this type of plant will get no psychoactive effects, as cannabidiol does not have the psychedelic features that THC has.

Recently, people who are using this plant towards improving their health state are starting to wonder what would be the best method of providing it to the body. Should one smoke it, vape it or simply ingest it? All these questions make a lot of sense, as each body reacts differently and so each body can have various reactions depending on the method of administering it.

How ingesting CBD influences your body’s reaction?

Not many people are aware of it, but everybody is entitled to know that choosing to ingest your CBD dosage can definitely have to say a thing or two in the way your whole system reacts to it. This mainly refers to the fact that once this nonpsychoactive compound is administered to the body, there are several phases which it goes through.

One very important thing which everybody should be aware of is that not all the CBD you ingest will actually reach your whole body. Like it happens also with other substances you provide for your body, there is a whole process going on in there. So once you swallow your CBD oil or your CBD pills, these have to pass, first of all, through the liver. Here the substance sort of gets scanned, as in a significant quantity of your initial CBD dosage will either get absorbed or it will get processed by the hepatic enzymes.


So one can easily understand that your body will actually enjoy less of the CBD amount you first ingested. This does not mean that taking your CBD like pills or oils, tinctures and so on and so forth is something to avoid. However, one should always consider also other alternatives, as the present market brings forward numerous ways of ensuring your body’s CBD needs.

Ever thought about vaporizing it?

cbd-vapingSo, have you ever thought about this option? Even though it is quite new on the market, it seems that more and more people are willing to give up the traditional smoking or ingesting their CBD, as several surveys show lately. This is really a good thing happening out there because it shows that people are more aware of the wonderful benefits that this substance can provide for their system. However, it is really important to understand how each method of administering it to the body can influence the way you will actually react to it.

So what is it about this whole vaping thing? The most important aspect of it is that it is considered to represent a better way of providing more CBD to your body. While ingesting it implies a whole process in which also other organs are involved, such as the gut and the liver, by vaping it, it will directly go to your bloodstream and so the journey begins.

The fact that your liver works on it when you ingest it, will significantly reduce the whole amount you initially took, due to the absorption process taking place there. So you get less of it. When you inhale it, it goes only through your lungs and immediately into the blood flow. From here, it will go all across your entire system, without you having to wait for the whole “scanning process” we mentioned earlier.

Faster effects of vaping

Another very important advantage one should definitely bear in mind about choosing to vape the CBD is related to the fact that once inhaled, the substance’s effects are felt faster than you would feel them when ingesting it. This happens because after you ingest it, the CBD must go through some processes during which it is not active. So you will not get to actually feel the effects only after it passes through your liver and your gut.

The efficiency of vaping your CBD stands in the fact that, as specialists state, you are able to faster feel the effects so that you can better work on improving your whole general health state. There have been made public many cases where medical marijuana users have reported to be more satisfied with this method of getting their CBD amounts. It is not like you should believe them, just experience and see for your self which method suits you best.

Are there any risks?

It would definitely not be fair to call them risks in the truest sense of the word, but there are some aspects you need to bear in mind once you decide that vaping your CBD will work best for you. Therefore, you should pay a lot of attention to how you choose your CBD vaping liquids, as the whole present market is basically filled with all sorts of brands.

You need to be fully aware where you buy your liquids from and the quality standards which these products have. Try to not always guide yourself when choosing them only after the price because a big price does not necessarily mean a good quality rate. Do your homework and read about it as much as possible so that you can make a decision worth spending the time and money for.