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Hello! My name is Chris and probably like most of you reading this, I’ve been a smoker since my teens. I’m now 30 and I’ve wrestled with my habit for many years. However, 1 year ago I discovered Electronic Cigarettes and I haven’t smoked a tobacco cigarette since. I feel great! I can smoke just about anywhere I like, I have no more smelly clothes or stinky breath and best of all, I’ve saved a fortune!

Let me add that your thoughts are highly appreciated.  Good reviews, bad reviews, ugly reviews, they are all welcome and as long as they are clean (we will censor reviews of harsh tones as well as weed out any direct promotion of other websites).  Consumers are the most important part of this blog, and you are the consumer. Submit your opinion and help keep the site up to date with all the latest information on the subject of electronic cigarette reviews.

I like to try the e cigarettes just as much as you.  For that reason, I will post our own opinions on the site and ensure the consumer sentiment is not only on-target but factual.  If a company changes their offer, we like to ensure we are up to date with all of our information.

I love electric cigarettes (or e cigs as they are sometimes called) so much that I decided to make a website about them. Hopefully, over the coming pages you will discover just how much Ecigarettes can change your life for the better. If you’re new to electronic cigarettes choosing the right one can be over-whelming, when I first tried e cigs I tried many brands and had a few bad experiences with cheap imitations. Please don’t be dis-heartened if you have had this experience as well. The Best Electronic Cigarettes are durable, work 100% of the time and use cutting edge technology – e cigs really are a fantastic new alternative to smoking.

Here at “ElectronicBestCigarette.com” you will find a find all my electronic cigarette reviews, as well as lots of interesting articles about Ecigs. I have worked hard to give you my honest opinion about which electric cigarettes I rate as the best in the business. Finally, I have managed to negotiate exclusive e cig coupons and ecigarette discount codes so that you can save even more money. Now there’s no excuse not to switch to Electronic Cigarettes!

I hope you find my site helpful and please join in by leaving a comment and/or submit a review of your own.

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