Man Smoking Electronic Cigarette in a Plane

Man Smoking Electronic Cigarette in a Plane

If you are a smoker, then you are probably aware of the face that smoking can be such a hassle sometimes.  How many times did you have to leave the comfort of your room because you have to smoke?  When you do it inside, you will enjoy the cigarette stick for a couple of minutes and then regret it for hours because the smell just sticks.  How often have you experienced having to curb your desire to smoke because you are on the wheel and you know for a fact that it is a bad idea to smoke inside your car because it takes forever for the smell to go away.  Or maybe the smoking area in your office is far from the current floor where you work so you have to go wherever that is and take up your break time instead of you getting the chance to relax some more.  Cigars smoking is a hassle but with the invention of smokeless cigarettes, those who made the switch no longer have to worry about those things.

So how come those who chose to make the switch to smokeless cigarettes no longer have to worry about the hassles of smoking?  The answer is simple – with electronic cigarettes, you vape but you do not smoke.  So what is the difference?  When you look at people using an electronic cigarette, they look like they are smoking because of that “cloud” that you see them puff out.  Well, that is not smoke but it is water vapor.  It is part of the design of electronic cigarettes for one simple reason – to simulate the look and feel of tobacco smoking.  It is risk free for your health though because there is no smoke that will fill your lungs (or the lungs of the people next to you) and there is no smell either.  Hence, when you start using e-cigs and dump the habit of cigarette smoking, you can “smoke” anywhere because you are not actually smoking in the first place.  In fact, people no longer call it “smoking” because it is illogical to do so due to the absence of smoke.  Hence, the term “vaping” was coined for it since that is actually what you are doing when you use an e-cig.

Do you feel like smoking in your room?  No problem.  You do not have to open the windows either because your e-cigarette does not produce smoke that will stick to your bed sheet and make your room stink.  Do you want to vape while driving, you will surely not be punished by the law for that.  Do you feel like vaping in public?  By all means, do so.  Your seatmates or whoever is beside you will not complain.  After all, vaping does not include puffing stinky smoke.  Just be prepared to be asked questions though.  After all, electric cigarettes look so much your regular cigarette that people will surely think that it is a cigarette at first. is for SALE!

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