People disappointed by electronic cigarette 2016 Reasons to Smoke


stop_smoking_electronic_cigarette_colourSince I started writing about electronic cigarette I got a lot of people’s opinions. I met people very happy to say that without the electronic cigarettes couldn’t quit smoking and e-cig helped them immensely. I also met very disappointed people who said that the e-cigarette is a mess and it’s just another disappointment in their attempt to stop smoking.

For almost two years since I start writing about e-cig, I tried to establish what are the main factors on electronic cigarettes that disappoint people. Basically, why they failed to quit smoking with them?

The comments and stories we received generally found that unhappy people are those who have purchased a bad electronic cigarette. From here all complaints: low Steam, e-liquid that does not satisfy us, bad battery etc.. Of course, there are cases when people have tried even a quality electronic cigarette and have failed. From my experience, those who have failed to quit smoking using smokeless cigarettes were those who don’t really wanted it, or who were too lazy to care for electronic cigarette components, to change them in time, to charge the battery etc..

I don’t have an exact estimate (I know there discontent percentage not exceeding 10%), which is why I decided to do a survey on this topic.

I want to know what percentage of people were satisfied and dissatisfied with the electronic cigarette. I want to know how many of you were unhappy with the e-cigarette or have had friends unhappy and if possible I would like to know why. Do I want to know why people fail to quit smoking with it? You can also specify what you want to improve, what new features to have an electronic cigarette?

Also please write me comments and opinions that you have heard. For example, why some people do not want to try electronic cigarettes?
You can write your stories below. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Denis Reply

    I was a hard smoker with 2 packs of cigars a day but after I’ve found the electronic cigarette all change. Now I can smoke inside my house, I breathe easy in the morning when I get up and also the electronic cigarettes are cheaper than normal cigars.

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