World Vaping Day

World Vaping Day

Last week, Thursday, March 22, 2012, was celebrated for the first time ever “World Vaping Day” for electronic cigarettes. It was a day for celebrating the invention called “e-cigarette” and promoting it among smokers who want to quit traditional cigarettes or just make the switch to the electronic ones. Events were organized in 9 countries, starting Thursday, some continuing even on weekends (fueled by several powerful e-liquid bottles, no doubt!). Even if the organizers had hoped that more countries will participate, the event was a success.

The most important events took place in Western Europe and the USA. This is understandable given that the U.S. and United Kingdom are the largest markets in the electronic cigarette business, markets with the largest number of users. The events were sponsored by manufacturers of electronic cigarettes, retailers and various support groups and of course there were a large steamer clubs, bars, pubs and Steamers promoting electronic cigarette.

The official website of the “World Vaping Day” quality electronic cigarette manufacturers saw increases in sales, it seems increasingly more smokers realize the benefits of electronic cigarettes.

In other words, this day had served its purpose. On this day was electronic cigarettes were celebrated by peoples that quit smoking with help from  electronic cigarettes.
Let’s hope that next year the event will have more participants and I am sure we all would love to know more information on how to quit smoking! is for SALE!

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