We know that electronic cigarette is more popular in USA that other places. And that he appeared on the market some time before. Electronic cigarette market is higher in US, there is money for advertising, media power there. An electronic cigarette company in the U.S. thought it would be better to “acquire” the U.S. military with such devices. We all know from movies as much smoke is in the army.

South Beach Smoke an e-cigarette company in the industry in U.S., this week launched a project called “Smoke-Free Soldiers” to combat smoking among soldiers.

The South Beach Smoke company, confessed that were thought to start this campaign to protect soldiers who survive the war and they can die from smoking. Therefore, were thought to offer all military one electronic cigarette starter kit for beginners to stop smoking.

In the USA, the market for electronic cigarette reach millions of dollars, hundreds of millions per year.
Another thing that prevents smokers to quit normal cigars with e-cigarette are the counterfeit electronic products. Many people have tried a product, a low quality e-cigarette and believed that electronic cigarette is not good and have not tried … and have lost confidence in this product.

Slowly, hopefully, electronic cigarette will be offered as an alternative to sick, military and all inĀ  need to stop smoking.