You may remember that cigarette companies sponsoring Formula 1 … before they are banned. I remember the West for Mercedes and Marlboro for Ferrari¬† …
An electronic cigarette company is sponsoring NASCAR driver TJ Bell.

It seems that though traditional tobacco sponsorship is banned, electronic cigarettes have been allowed to do so. So they assigned a different status. (FDA will be mad).

Green Smoke, a company that sells electronic cigarettes in the U.S. became the official sponsor of NASCAR driver TJ Bell. Despite the many controversies in the U.S. and FDA attempts to ban cigarette electronic products,  company tries to expose the e-cigarette to masses involved in NASCAR racing.

Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette

Electronic Cigarette

NASCAR driver TJ Bell is a very important event in the U.S. and is known worldwide. This initiative to introduce electronic cigarettes in such a competition is a real opportunity to promote electronic smoking.

They established many industry associations that defend the electronic cigarette. These include: ACE (Electronic Cigarette Association), TVECA (The Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association), ECO (Electronic Cigarette Organization) ECITA (The Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association) and ECCA (The Electronic Cigarette Consumers Association UK).

It’s good to have supporters everywhere … However I think outside of these organizations protecting the electronic cigarette industry, the most important supporters are people … consumers. And I say this because I enjoy every day as we receive many messages from customers who are happy and are proud to have quit smoking with electronic cigarette.